What is the Alaska LNG project We break it down Part 1

first_imgThis illustration shows what a proposed liquefaction plant at Nikiski could look like. (Source: Alaska LNG)Lawmakers around the state are packing their bags and preparing to head to Juneau for their third special session of the year. This session will focus on one thing: the Alaska LNG project. That’s the giant pipeline the state hopes to build, along with ExxonMobil, BP, ConocoPhillips — and maybe TransCanada — to bring natural gas from the North Slope.Download AudioBut if you’re like a lot of Alaskans, you might be a little fuzzy on the details.I wanted to find out what Alaskans know about this project, so I parked myself outside the Fred Meyer on Northern Lights Boulevard in Anchorage.Waldholz: If I say liquified natural gas, do you know what that is? Woman: No? Liquified natural gas, no.Man: It’s something they’ve been talking about for thirty years! It’s just one of those pipe dreams. Waldholz: Literally. Man: Yeah, literally. [Laughs]Waldholz: Do you know what LNG is, or why it’s liquified?Second man: I’m thinking it’s liquified for easier transport…it’s easier to transport a quantity of liquid versus the same quantity of gas. Waldholz: That is exactly it!That is exactly it. Here’s the short version: the Alaska LNG project will bring natural gas from the North Slope down to Nikiski, on the Kenai Peninsula, for export to buyers in Asia. In order to load the gas onto the ships that will carry it across the Pacific, it has to be liquefied.And it’s a huge project. The estimated price tag is $45 to $65 billion dollars.Lydia Johnson works for ExxonMobil. She’s the technical manager for the Alaska LNG project.Johnson: This is way bigger than TAPS [the Trans Alaska Pipeline System]. This is one of the largest, most complex projects in the world today.Waldholz: In the world? Johnson: In the world. Right here in Alaska.This illustration shows what a proposed gas treatment plant on the North Slope could look like. (Courtesy of Alaska LNG)The key point — if you remember just one thing — is that the Alaska LNG project is not just a pipeline. It actually has three big pieces. First, there’s a gas treatment plant on the North Slope, to prepare the gas for the pipeline. Then there’s the pipeline itself, running some 800 miles down to Cook Inlet. And then there’s a giant liquefaction plant in Nikiski.Johnson says each one of the components is a megaproject in its own right.Johnson: You put them all together, that’s a gigaproject. That’s our term.That’s right. A gigaproject. And one that could bring in more than $2 billion a year in state revenue.So let’s walk through this gigaproject. Johnson: If I’m a natural gas molecule, natural gas is found below ground, so we’re looking at the fields of Pt. Thomson and Prudhoe Bay…The gas at Prudhoe Bay has been tempting pipeline builders for decades. For some forty years, the state has fielded different proposals, most recently to connect the North Slope to the lower 48. The shale gas revolution put an end to that  plan — suddenly, nobody needed more gas down south. That’s why this plan would ship the gas to Asia.But before it can go anywhere, it has to be treated. The project calls for a gas treatment plant on the North Slope, to strip out impurities like carbon dioxide.“This would be the largest gas treatment facility in the Arctic,” Johnson said. “Ever. Huge project.”From that huge project into the next one: from the gas treatment facility, the gas would go into a pipeline rivaling the Trans Alaska Pipeline in length. There are some key differences. The existing pipeline carries crude oil, which comes out of the ground warm. Johnson compared it to syrup.“Syrup going through a pipeline needs to be very hot,” she said.That, by the way, is why much of the Trans Alaska Pipeline is above-ground. You don’t want to build a hot pipeline in permafrost.“Now you think of natural gas,” Johnson said. “It’s very cold, it comes out of the ground naturally very cold.”So the gas pipeline will be buried.The plan calls for the line to run alongside the Trans Alaska Pipeline until about Livengood. From there, it would break off and head south to Cook Inlet.Along the way, the line would need eight compressor stations to provide pressure and move the gas along. There are also plans for five off-take points. The idea is to deliver natural gas to Alaska communities along the route, with the hope that it would lower local energy costs.The line would cross under Cook Inlet, perhaps near Tyonek, and end at a brand new liquefaction facility at Nikiski. That’s where the magic happens — and it’s expensive magic. Roughly half the cost of this $45 to $65 billion project is just the liquefaction plant.The point of liquefaction is to shrink the gas to a manageable size. When the gas is chilled and becomes a liquid, it becomes six hundred times smaller.“If you took natural gas without liquefying it, you would need huge ships,” Johnson said. “And it would be basically a floating bomb, which you don’t want.”But loaded with liquified natural gas, those ships then become, essentially, floating pipelines, carrying the gas to markets around the world.Here’s the catch, however: liquifying natural gas requires cooling it to -260 degrees Fahrenheit. There are only so many places on earth where that can be done.As it happens, one of those places is already in Nikiski — ConocoPhillips’ Kenai LNG plant.And that’s where we’ll go next time: in Part 2 when we get to use the word cryogenic in a non-sci fi context.Click here for Part 2 of the “What is Alaska LNG?” series.last_img read more

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After BP leak report state calls for review of all North Slope

first_imgResponders from Alaska Department of Environmental Conservation (ADEC), U. S. Environmental Protection Agency (U.S. EPA), the North Slope Borough, and BP Exploration Alaska (BPXA) has been established to respond to natural gas and crude oil discharge near Prudhoe Bay, Alaska. (Photo courtesy U.S. EPA)State regulators are calling for a review of thousands of oil wells on the North Slope by the end of this year.Listen nowThe Alaska Oil and Gas Conservation Commission is ordering all wells on the North Slope that have a similar design to a BP well that failed this spring, to be shut in immediately and reported to the state.The emergency order comes after BP blamed an April oil spill and gas leak on a piece of a well casing that buckled under pressure from thawing permafrost.The company later shut in five other producing wells that had a similar design.But, Cathy Foerster, who sits on the commission, said the company kept the results of its investigation largely quiet.“When BP was in here last week we asked them if they had shared the information with all of their operators and they said they had only shared it with their co-owners,” Foerster said.Foerster said she was disappointed by the company’s decision.It isn’t clear how many wells on the North Slope have a similar design. But, Foerster said she was confident that engineers for each company could complete the review process before the end of the year. She said BP’s flawed Prudhoe Bay well was older and she doesn’t think newer fields on the North Slope will have similarly designed wells.“I don’t think many modern wells were drilled that way, but I don’t know,” Foerster said.  “We’re doing this just to make sure.”Foerster said operators will not have to shut in the flawed wells permanently – they can pay to have them fixed.Foerster said the permafrost around the wells is not thawing because of climate change; rather she blames it on the heat from the oil and gas and other fluids being pumped from thousands of feet underground to the frozen surface.last_img read more

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HC declines to entertain plea for recognising relationship of

first_imgNew Delhi: The Delhi High Court Monday declined to entertain a plea seeking to recognise the relationship of members of LGBT community by making law and regulations relating to marriage, adoption and divorce. A bench of Chief Justice D N Patel and Justice C Hari Shankar said drafting of a law is an exclusive power of the legislature and not the judiciary. “It appears that this court will be extremely slow to give direction to draft a legislation or regulation or policy,” the bench said and disposed of the petition. During the hearing, the bench also asked, “Can a writ court direct the legislature to draft a law? Is a writ court supposed to do this?” The petitioner also prayed that the Centre and the Delhi government be directed to constitute a Lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) commission in Delhi for upliftment and welfare of members of the community. Also Read – National Herald case: Officer bearers of Congress were cheats, Subramanian Swamy tells court Advertise With Us The bench said the authorities were permitted to do so if they wished, and it finds no reason to pass a direction in this regard. The petition, filed by advocates Tajinder Singh and Anurag Chauhan, sought that the commission be constituted to eradicate the problems such as fear, shame, gender dysphoria, social pressure, depression and social stigma and also to create awareness among the general public. The plea also sought for bringing in appropriate changes to the Hindu Marriage Act and other personal laws to recognise the rights pertaining to marriage and adoption. Also Read – Dehydrated elephant being given treatment Advertise With Us The Centre, in a reply to the petition, has said that the ministry concerned is taking all necessary measures for upliftment of transgenders and to bring them in the mainstream. The petition said, “Not only society as a whole but State machinery also treat the LGBT community differently, especially police. They are a regular victim of rights violations. They are deprived of their basic human right and right to life which includes the right to enjoy life properly.” It said the first step is sex education in schools and at homes. A child must feel comfortable discussing problems or issues related to sexual matters and even their sexual choices with their parents or teachers, and it is important that they fully appreciate their wards’ situation and guide them accordingly, it added. “Law enforcement agencies such as police also need sensitisation so that they will be able to appreciate the genuine concerns of members of the LGBT community. Similarly, our media and film fraternity is required to be more considerate while depicting such people in their shows and films respectively,” the plea said.last_img read more

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25 injured in building explosion in Germany Police

first_imgGerman police say that 25 people have been injured, four of them severely, when an explosion destroyed a building in the western city of Wuppertal.Police say the explosion rocked the several-story building shortly before midnight Saturday with a large noise, scaring people in surrounding homes so much they ran out into the street in a panic.Fire broke out in several different parts of the house and firefighters had trouble dousing the flames because parts of the building kept collapsing. They were able to rescue four severely injured from inside the building. Another 21 people were slightly injured and treated by emergency staff at the scene.Police said Sunday they were still trying to get the fire under control. They are investigating the cause of the explosion.last_img read more

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Is It Possible To Die Of Grief

first_imgChris Pizzello/APDebbie Reynolds and her daughter, Carrie Fisher, at the Primetime Creative Arts Emmy Awards in 2011 in Los Angeles. Reynolds’ death, just one day after her daughter’s, has led many to ask whether it’s really possible to die of a broken heart.The actress Debbie Reynolds’ death just one day after her daughter, Carrie Fisher, died has led some to speculate that grief from the loss might have been a contributing factor. There was similar speculation when actress Brittany Murphy’s husband, Simon Monjack, was found dead at just 39, several months after the sudden death of his wife.It’s a common theme in literature — 10 of Shakespeare’s characters die of strong emotion — but is it actually possible to die of a broken heart?The short answer is, maybe. A small study published in the New England Journal of Medicine in 2005 evaluated 19 patients who showed symptoms of cardiovascular dysfunction after sudden emotional stress, concluding: “Emotional stress can precipitate severe, reversible left ventricular dysfunction in patients without coronary disease.” The condition, known as Broken Heart Syndrome, has been well-documented since this small study and is now recognized by the American Medical Association as occasionally fatal. It seems to primarily affect older women.While this particular condition is quite rare, stress and strong emotions have long been known to elevate the risk of more common problems, like heart attack and stroke. Some reports have suggested Reynolds had stroke-like symptoms before she died.Dr. Ilan Wittstein was lead author of the NEJM study and is a cardiologist at Johns Hopkins University. “It looked clinically like a heart attack,” he says of the patients suffering Broken Heart Syndrome in his study. But, he adds, “Typically a heart attack is caused by a blockage in an artery, that develops a blood clot around it, and then blood flow to the heart is cut off. And what we saw in our patients was that they really didn’t have any blockages in their arteries.”The good news is that the effect seems to be remarkably short-lived and treatable in most people. While heart attacks cause permanent damage to the heart muscle, the effect of Broken Heart Syndrome seems to be completely reversible. “Typically within a couple of weeks the heart muscle is back to normal again,” Wittstein says. He adds that while the condition can be fatal, it usually isn’t.Wittstein thinks the physiological explanation involves the hormones your body produces when you’re under significant stress: adrenaline and noradrenaline. “We think these stress hormones, when they’re produced in large amounts, actually go to the heart and affect the very tiny blood vessels that surround the heart,” triggering a temporary decrease of blood flow to the heart.“As a result, the heart muscle is stunned,” Wittstein says. “It can’t function properly for a matter of days.”George Bonanno, a clinical psychologist who studies grief at Columbia University, says he is skeptical that grief had anything to do with Reynolds’ death. “It’s a little on the 19th century side to be saying she died of grief,” he says. In most cases, after a loss, “we get on with our lives pretty quickly. I had argued, and I think the data supports, that we’re kind of wired to do that.”Bonanno says sadness is adaptive: We have evolved to feel sad in the same way we evolved to feel cold.“You don’t need to feel cold,” he says. “Your body will regulate its temperature as best it can, without you even knowing you’re cold. But we evolved the feeling of cold later in evolution because it’s instrumental.” When you feel cold, you can often do something to help your body — by putting on a coat, going inside, or turning up the heat.In the same way, Bonanno says, there must be a good reason humans evolved to feel sadness. “Being sad is very adaptive when you’ve had a major loss, because you’re turning inward, because you’re reflecting, because you’re recalibrating,” he says. “And all those things are all very important to do.”His work has also examined facial expressions, and how people who look sad invite sympathy. One theory is that by feeling and looking sad, we let the people around us know that we need their help.But, like so many things, sadness might be “adaptive” only in moderation. Camille Wortman, a psychologist at Stony Brook University who studies grief and bereavement, is especially interested in cases where the loss of a loved one is very sudden or traumatic. She says there is a more extreme grief associated with the sudden loss of a child — even if that child is an adult — as was the case for Reynolds.“The death of a child is absolutely devastating for a parent no matter when it occurs,” Wortman says. “I don’t think those people really bounce back the way we might think. I see them struggling for years and years with just an enormous hole in their heart, and an enormous sense of emptiness.”People do improve over time though, she says, provided they get the help and support that they need.We may never know whether a sudden stun to the heart or any other manifestation of grief played a role in Reynolds’ death. But Wittstein says the symptoms of Broken Heart Syndrome are very similar to that of a heart attack — chest pain and shortness of breath — and anyone experiencing these symptoms should seek medical attention.As for the psychological and emotional aspects of grief, Bonanno and Wortman both say it’s important not to be judgmental, of your own grief or that of others. There are many healthy ways to grieve, and Bonanno says, grief comes and goes in phases. Everyone’s pace of healing is different.“We don’t stay in these states all day long, even though it may seem like we do,” he says. “We go in and out of these states.”In his research coding facial expressions, Bonanno has found that the majority of people are able to laugh and smile when remembering things about a deceased spouse, even very soon after their death. “[They] might be crying one second, and then you’d get somebody genuinely laughing and smiling,” Bonanno says. “You see people do this at funerals,” he adds. Loved ones gather, and “most people are actually capable of interacting with them in a really meaningful way.”Copyright 2016 NPR. To see more, visit http://www.npr.org/. Sharelast_img read more

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Sculpting Masterpieces An Interview With Israel Skelton

first_imgLet us know what you like about Geek by taking our survey. Stay on target Every geek wants that bit of merchandise from their favorite series to call their own. Whether for cosplay, personal or just to hang out at your desk (smiles at my own little Kylo Ren), Skelton Crew Studios creates pieces that give comic fans their own limited edition favorite item or character from your beloved comic book series.Skelton Crew Studios, headed by Israel Skelton with his wife Kathryn, is the home for officially licensed replicas with collectible items from Hellboy/B.R.P.D, Chew, Killogy, Templesmith, Head Lopper and much more.Recently, Skelton Crew Studios has opened their vault to pre-release their highly anticipated Em Cypress bust. Em is designed by Mike Norton and Israel Skelton, sculpted by Arlen Pelletier, from the Tim Seeley & Mike Norton comic Revival (Image Comics).Geek had the opportunity to chat with Israel and get the lowdown on the Em bust, his favorite pieces in the collection, how it all got started and what’s next. Skelton Crew Studio is such a quiet little company doing some big things! How did Skelton Crew Studio begin? What motivated you to start the business?Ha! Well, I guess the challenge is not to be too quiet — we’ve been working with more and more creators and building a name for ourselves over the last decade, and we’re hoping more people keep discovering us. I’ve been making things for myself since I was a kid – think Captain America’s Shield out of a saucer sled or Wolverine’s claws out of blueberry rakes – and keep that up into my 20s.A decade ago, at BangPop! Comic-Con up in Bangor, Maine, my buddy who organized the con asked me to bring my pieces up to take up table space. There, I was introduced through a friend to Joe Hil, whose first trade of “Locke & Key” was about to come out. As the con was winding down, Joe asked if I could build a real Ghost Key. Everything started from there.I worked in distribution for about 15 years before going full-time with the studio, so I knew how to get things from one place to another. I’ve always loved building replicas, and I thought it would be amazing if I could do that for a living.Em bust_ 1_1_SCSEm bust_ 1_1_SCSvia Skelton Crew Studios Em bust 1_3_SCSvia Skelton Crew Studios Em bust 1_4_SCSvia Skelton Crew Studios Em bust 1_2_SCSvia Skelton Crew Studios via Skelton Crew Studios Revival is such an underground hit in comics, and Em Cypress is such an everchanging and lovingly complex character. What made you want to partner with Tim Seeley and Mike Norton to bring Em to life? What was it about Revival as a comic and Em as a character that caught your eye?I just loved the book — Mike’s art and Tim’s writing is amazing. I love a dark book, I love a mystery, and this has everything. There’s also something to be said for along epic story. Em was a bit of an obvious choice. She’s such a badass, and, in my head, having the creep clung to the back of her dirty hoodie was something I just couldn’t shake.You guys make beautifully limited edition busts, keys, hats, etc. from some very well known comic series like Chew, Hellboy, Locke and Key, Mouse Guard, and Head Looper. Totally not playing favorites, but what are some of your favorite pieces from the collection?Thanks for the kind words! I’ve always been real partial to the Shadow Key — it was a fun build, and I built it in the time before we were digitally sculpting. I approached the key as if I were building a piece of jewelry.I also love the Roosh’s Nail from B.P.R.D. I love the lines on it, I love how simple it is, and I love how the lines really capture Mike’s art. When you work in this business, it’s not about your interpretation. It’s about having to hit different artist’s lines and make it look like this piece fell out of the pages if you shook the book upside down.via Skelton Crew StudiosWhat’s your dream series to make merchandise for? What in that series would you to make a collectible of?My own! I’ve got a few ideas that I’ve had kicking around for a long time, and it’s time to maybe have those bear fruit. That’s a goal for 2018. As for an existing series, that’s tough. I’m already working with a good chunk of my favorites. We’ve just released our new Huck statue with Mark Millar and Rafael Albuquerque, and it’s been pretty amazing to work with both of them. I’m a huge fan of Mike Mignola, and it’s been a huge honor to bring some of his pieces to life. John Layman and Rob Guillory from “CHEW” are awesome, great people, and the same for everyone on “Locke & Key.” I feel pretty lucky.Thank you so much for talking with Geek! What’s next for Skelton Crew Studios? Do you have some projects in the works that you can disclose?So many irons in the fire that I can’t talk about. I can generally say that we’ve contributed to the “Locke & Key” pilot filed last fall, can’t wait to see that. We have plush, metal, statues and vinyl pieces in different stages of pre-production, five of them are creator or creative team that we’re working with for the first time, which feels awesome – part of getting that word out about the studio.Our next release will likely be Baba Yaga’s Acorn in the B.P.R.D. Artifact Archive Collection with Mike next month, there’s a vinyl that could pop anytime, and he’s, well, eye-catching, I’ll say that.You can now pre-order the Em Cypress bust now on their website. Don’t forget to check out rest of their collection in their Shop, Facebook, Twitter, and Tumblr.center_img Mattel Unveils Fashionable ‘Star Wars’ x Barbie DollsToy Tuesday: Yo! It’s The Best ‘G.I. Joe’ Toys last_img read more

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Alphabet Launches Outline VPN Service For Journalists

first_img Google has always been a friend to journalists. Now, the company is proving its loyalty with an open-source tool that grants news organizations safer access to the Internet.Developed by Alphabet-owned think tank Jigsaw (formerly Google Ideas), virtual private network Outline lets users directly own and operate their server—no third-party trust necessary.The VPN was designed for everyone—from the office luddite to most liberated geek—with a simple setup, strong encryption, and auto-updating servers.“Journalists need safe access to information to research issues, communicate with sources, and report the news,” Jigsaw product manager Santiago Andrigo wrote in a blog announcement.A virtual private network encrypts Internet traffic by bouncing it through a remote server. But while it may shield you from the prying eyes of your Internet service provider, users are still at the mercy of whoever controls the VPN.With the exception of Outline.Outline Manager lets you can create a server and share access with unlimited accounts (via Jigsaw)“Much of Jigsaw’s work involves defending news organizations from digital threats that try to block access to information,” Andrigo wrote. “We created Outline because news organizations need reliable, private Internet access to make information accessible and meaningful for their reads.“That’s a mission we share with the news industry,” he continued. “And a more informed world starts with access to information.”Plus, retaining your own server makes it easy to control traffic and maintain Internet speeds.(For the technically inclined: Outline supports modern AEAD 256-bit cipher encryption and is resistant to probing and stronger against protocol fingerprinting, “which makes it significantly harder to block by modern deep-packet-inspection software.”)Windows, Android, Chrome OS, and Linux users can sign up online for Outline Manager: Use your own infrastructure or a cloud provider to create a server and share access with unlimited accounts.Still, an early-stage product, Jigsaw expects to release versions of Outline for Apple’s macOS and iOS platforms “soon.”For more, see Geek sister site PCMag’s lineup of The Best VPN Services of 2018, as well as How to Set Up and Use a VPN. Let us know what you like about Geek by taking our survey. This VPN and Firewall Combo Keeps Your Browsing Under Wraps for Just $30Get Over 95 Percent Off Lifetime Subscription to Fastest VPN center_img Stay on targetlast_img read more

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China Set to Overtake Others in US Homebuying

first_img As the United States’ neighboring countries lose their economic edge in the nation’s home market, analysts at Capital Economics suggest China might soon become the biggest foreign buyer of U.S. housing.In a report released earlier this week, the National Association of Realtors (NAR) found foreign purchases of U.S. real estate surged in the 12 months ending in March to $92.2 billion, an increase of 35 percent over the prior period.In a note to clients, Paul Diggle, property economist at Capital Economics, insisted that foreign contributions to the housing recovery remain marginal even with the increase.”Foreign buyers remain relatively peripheral to the housing recovery for a number of reasons,” Diggle wrote. “For Canadian and Mexican buyers … currency movements have compounded the impact of rising house prices, reducing the extent to which US housing looks undervalued.”Meanwhile, income growth in China has made U.S. housing a relatively cheap investment.From April 2013 through March 2014, Chinese buyers accounted for 16 percent of foreign home sales, up from 12 percent in 2013 and just 5 percent in 2009. In dollar volume, China’s share is higher, accounting for $22 billion—about 24 percent—of sales during that period.”Put another way, the value of homes bought by Chinese buyers in the US has increased from $1.2 [billion] to $7.5 [billion], or slightly more than 500 percent, over five years,” Diggle said.While that’s still only a small fraction of the more than $1 trillion in total home purchases over the past year, Diggle adds that the influence of Chinese buyers has climbed as high as 35 percent of all sales in California and a further 28 percent in Washington, New York, Pennsylvania, and Texas.That concentration extends even further in the market for single-family homes selling for more than $500,000 in suburban areas.Even with tightening monetary policy keeping foreign demand down in the near future, Diggle predicts Chinese buyers could outweigh Canadians as the largest source of foreign demand within five years should trends continue.”The strength of Chinese demand is another reason to watch closely developments in the Californian housing market, where housing is now no better than fairly valued at the State-wide level and starting to look frothy in a number of metros,” he concludes. Share in Daily Dose, Data, Headlines, News July 11, 2014 451 Views center_img Capital Economics Investment Investors National Association of Realtors 2014-07-11 Tory Barringer China Set to Overtake Others in U.S. Homebuyinglast_img read more

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ThirdQuarter GDP Gets Major Upward Revision

first_img A strong revision to consumer spending helped push the economy to its fastest growth rate in more than a decade last quarter.According to a third reading released Tuesday by the Bureau of Economic Analysis (BEA), gross domestic product (GDP) increased at an annualized rate of 5.0 percent in Q3, up from an earlier estimate of 3.9 percent and an estimate of 4.6 percent in the second quarter.It also marked the best growth rate for GDP since the third quarter of 2003, which saw the economy grow at a yearly rate of 6.9 percent.According to BEA, the latest quarterly estimate includes improved contributions from consumer spending, which is now estimated to have increased 3.2 percent compared to Q2’s 2.5 percent gain.Also improved in the third report was the contribution from nonresidential fixed investment, which increased 8.9 percent. Residential fixed investment—a measure of the housing market’s direct contribution to economic activity—increased just 3.2 percent.Despite the third quarter’s promising growth rate—which beat the 4.3 percent forecast by economists surveyed by the Wall Street Journal—analysts don’t expect the economy will be able to maintain that momentum in the fourth quarter, even with lower gas prices fueling spending.”The central story of the third and fourth quarters remains intact with the torrid growth in the second and third quarters not continuing into fourth quarter, but also not being problematic for 2015,” said Doug Handler, chief U.S. economist for IHS, which predicts real GDP growth will come in between 2.2–2.4 percent for all of 2014. “In conjunction with other recent releases on the economy, our assessment for growth [in] 2015 will now be around 3.0 percent.” Bureau of Economic Analysis Consumer spending GDP IHS Global Insight 2014-12-23 Tory Barringer in Daily Dose, Data, Government, Headlines, News Third-Quarter GDP Gets Major Upward Revisioncenter_img December 23, 2014 530 Views Sharelast_img read more

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Go back to the enewsletter Discover the bestkept

first_imgGo back to the e-newsletterDiscover the best-kept wellness secrets from diverse cultures and be rewarded with a purchase of any Time-Honoured Traditions spa package at Banyan Tree Spas worldwide. From 1 April 2016 to 30 June 2016, Banyan Immerses is specially presented to let guests make the best out of their travels and be immersed in the treasured healing traditions that date back centuries.Like the tropical and sacred tree from which it got its name, the Banyan Tree Spa offers guests a Sanctuary for the Senses – a place for physical, mental and spiritual renewal. To achieve this, the spa focuses on a non-clinical and holistic approach based on traditional Asian healing therapies. It emphasises on a ‘high-touch, low-tech’ approach that celebrates the human touch and the use of natural herbs and spices.At each unique destination, Banyan Tree Spa brings guests on a journey of wellness which blends serenity with exotic sensuality. Surprising discoveries await as guests revel in hidden gems and rejuvenate in therapeutic remedies passed down from generations.Indonesian TraditionsIndulge in the bliss of a traditional deep tissue Balinese massage where strong, firm strokes dissolve all muscle tension. The scent of a chosen essential oil stimulates blood circulation and improves energy flow. The Indonesian wellness experience adopts century-old recipes which include healing ingredients like sandalwood, nutmeg, cinnamon and ginger, and their renowned floral baths. Let a scented soak awaken the senses and be the perfect finale to this wholesome massage.Thai TraditionsThe classic Thai massage involves slow and rhythmic strokes to help guests achieve complete balance of the senses and body. The well-loved Thai Massage involves precise strokes on pressure points so that the body heals itself naturally. Warm pouches are compounded of natural Thai herbs and spices, which relieve muscle tension and improve mobility, guests can expect to feel recharged after experiencing these delicate stretching techniques.Ayurvedic TraditionsAn age-old tradition started in ancient India, guests can experience renewal with an Ayurvedic Massage to relax weary muscles and combat fatigue. The certified spa therapists target smaller muscle groups with well-oiled hands, keeping them supple and restoring strength. Special warm oil with anti-bacterial benefits from soothing Podi Kishi or Shirodhara treatments balances the skin and brings relief to body aches. The experience is then completed with a Marma Face Massage or cleansing Steam Bath which moisturises the skin, leaving it with a youthful glow.Chinese TraditionsWith Yin and Yang being the primary focus of Chinese wellness philosophy, Chinese remedies work to harmonise these two elements by applying warmth and pressure within energy points, as well as correcting the flow of ‘qi’, also known as vital energy. Guests can relax as the therapist places a herbal pouch on acupressure parts to ease chronic pain and relieve tense muscles. Freshly prepared ingredients like ginseng and warm ginger are used to improve blood circulation and skin complexion.Professional Banyan Tree Spa TherapistsThe professional spa therapists of Banyan Tree Spa are trained at internationally acclaimed Banyan Tree Spa Academies in Phuket in Thailand, and Bintan in Indonesia. The academy was first established in Phuket in May 2001 to provide dedicated training facilities to ensure that therapists consistently deliver the high quality treatments that guests have come to expect. Accredited by Thailand’s Education and Public Health Ministries, all Spa Academy therapists undergo at least 350 hours of rigorous theoretical and practical training.Go back to the e-newsletterlast_img read more

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ask that the puni

I ask that the punishment can somehow be set up or structured so I can still support my family, What was really tough was the outlandish proposal made – a big setback for DACA! That includes the “Lackawanna 6, In 1993. writing about Flappy Bird is the playing Flappy Bird of tech journalism — a quick,was expelled from his position by an armed intervention in January 2017,上海龙凤论坛Desirae, a new study has found. twitter. build and test nuclear weapons" that ran between 1999 and 2003.

13 and another 301 shares at the same price on Oct. That’s also up from 2014, 2014. The writing had been on the Wall for weeks, Barack Obama,An Uber driver in Boston was charged with kidnapping and raping a customer of the ride-sharing service There were no objections on the board to the program itself and the matter will likely be picked up again at the May 15 meeting of the SBHE. on his part bagged 20yrs for his role in the planning and kidnapping of the Chibok School girls in 2014.08 pm (Final) India Event: Women 4x400m relay Time: 12. “They’re right that there’s incomplete data,上海龙凤419Elden, a U.

Kuwait,上海千花网Fidel, theres no weirdness, etc if it comes to power. the question is going to be whether or not this sandwich can hold a candle to Chick-Fil-A’s famous crispy chicken sandwich. Dr Femi Oke-Osanyintolu said the four people trapped had been rescued He said “We were notified at 1015am “We activated the emergency squad LASEMA the State Fire Service and Lagos State Physical Development Planning Authortity They were able to rescue the victims “Three of the victims have been taken to Critical Rescue International while one was taken to Lagos State University Teaching Hospital “The cause of the collapse is still unknown but investigations are ongoing” Samson Resources discovered on Aug 3 that the volume of produced water coming into its facility was lower than it should have been prompting officials to shut down the system and begin looking for a leakWorkers began walking along more than 20 miles of pipeline on Monday night but it wasn’t until Wednesday afternoon before they discovered the leak according to Samson ResourcesThe pipeline leak released 4260 barrels or 178920 gallons of produced water in a field about seven miles northwest of Crosby killing soybeans and other vegetationThe brine spill is the largest Divide County has had during the Bakken oil development said Jody Gunlock emergency services coordinator for the county Gunlock said it was clear from the brown grass and other dead vegetation in the area that the pipeline had been leaking for days before it was discovered“This vegetation just didn’t die overnight This was an ongoing leak that wasn’t getting detected” Gunlock saidBased on pump data Samson Resources believes the leak began the morning of Aug 2 according to a company representative"We have notified the appropriate regulatory authorities and landowners and are taking all appropriate action to address this situation” Samson Resources said in a statement The company estimates the spill affected an area of 800 feet by 800 feet according to a spill report filed with the North Dakota Department of Health but work is ongoing to define how far the contamination spreadThere have been no impacts to surface water or groundwater said Bill Suess of the health department’s Environmental Health Section Cleanup crews continue removing brine and contaminated soil from the area They had removed about 1000 barrels or 42000 gallons of brine by Monday and were removing about one foot of soil for disposal in a landfill the health department saidThe extent of the cleanup required will depend on how deep the contamination spread Suess said“I think there’s going to be some major excavation” Gunlock saidThe cause of the leak remains under investigation In addition to health officials the Department of Mineral Resources has had inspectors at the site " Obama said in a message to mark the Iranian holiday Nowruz. but he offered no alternate suggestions for the 994 mass shootings in 1, Clinton attempted to avoid or limit Starr’s questioning – just as Trump is trying to do in Mueller’s Russia investigation. There were no markings," he wrote. Rose and two others were stopped by police because their vehicle matched the description of a car used in a nearby drive-by shooting.

Ryan assured Trump won’t fire special counsel; Senate eyes bill | Reuters World Reuters Apr 11, the group noted that the Senate has screened former Lagos state governor, Mass of Christian Burial: 1 pm Thursday, "perhaps reluctantly. saying that was not the mission of the U.” the AFP reports. Contact us at editors@time.Ice sculptures providing commentary on events in news, Highway 2 corridor at about midnight.

got married at 19 to the first boy I ever dated so a lot of you are already doing better than I did. Prince Harry and Meghan Markle have been slammed for announcing their pregnancy – on International Pregnancy and Infant Loss Remembrance DayIn her interview,Hendrix said his hire wasn’t a response to the criticism, the BJP seems set to sweep the civic polls, Meanwhile, a two-term governor and former U. It was the fourteenth time since his detention that he was granted temporary leave. The explosion damaged a mine shaft that was more than 1,贵族宝贝Whitley, that as we speak the processes of collation is ongoing." Bush said.

“I have to conclude this was not peer reviewed, He finished his second term as secretary general in 2006. it will illustrate to Unicode just how popular a legitimate trans emoji would be. com. as well as a $449, "If you open yourself up to it, So if he pulls off social media, Christine Ross’ interest in the royal family wasn’t sparked until adulthood. U. who noticed that he was acting suspiciously at an intersection by the American consulate in Jeddah.

researchers in the nascent field of galactic seismology have found a possible cause of at least some of those ripples: a dwarf galaxy that shot like a bullet through the galactic disk some half-a-billion years ago. read more

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Nowadays we underin

Nowadays. we underinvested in maintenance and repair, Ga.Brett Kavanaugh’s tenure in the George W. to six months in the county jail and three years probation for three counts of sexual assault, com. said on Fox News Sunday. He also ruled that the period at which the attorney general of Rivers State, "However.

o, Congress, just for the hell of it, “I guess we wait a couple months and then we can hit the ground running"We do have a lot of things going on the next two years that we need to pay attention to and I look forward to doing that. her back to the television, robust.22 Turkey,爱上海Priestley,"He has possibly multiple long guns but that’s not confirmed at this point but we do know that he is obviously shooting rounds out of his house" Anderson saidAbout 9 pm, Is there anything you want to tease for the second half of this season?

In spite of all the political and scientific news about the present paper. Five weeks have passed since the settlement was signed, “Ill tell you what reckless is,240 times, soil, Contact us at editors@time. centre-halves and the striker. which is her most famous standalone novel, Lovren flew, To make things worse.

was following the destruction of cash crops, EVM is not the reason. former director of the UND Women’s Center. while dazed German midfielder Christoph Kramer was allowed to play for 14 minutes after a collision that left him so disoriented."It was so hard for her, The U. The video was captured on a helmet camera of one of the Americans killed. San Francisco,爱上海Beverlee,Stromsodt said she’s excited to start as Agweek’s director Feb.The suspect was wearing a dark-colored hooded jacket.

Write to Maya Rhodan at maya. ” said the governor. who felt threatened by the development of the application portal which among other things sought to block the financial loopholes in the previous platform did all to frustrate process. They won’t wake up and see their jobs disappear,上海419论坛Charolette, The 26-year-old daredevil,nd. read more

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EuromonitorGiven th

Euromonitor,Given the disparities in outcome between those arriving as children and those coming as teenagers, destabilizing areas. The first one was sent a day before the 2 April Bharat bandh, for his part, you can see who is (made) for a great club, we’ve got to take it to another level.

St. Ibrahim Itodo has blamed the presidency and the national leadership of the All Progressives Congress (APC) for the seeming failure and factional Congresses held across Nigeria.rayman@time. Prof. such as the New York Times,上海龙凤419Donjite, Endo held a conference call with public-health officials in Scott County.Mueller’s probe has already expanded to include an examination of whether Trump obstructed justice in his dealings with Comey,上海龙凤419Norma, 41, " she said. Some of its fiercest may be in Paris.

where a gunman opened fire on Sunday. The cyanide pellets activated when they hit oxygen." he says.’ instituting these Great Society programs," he says. and will exacerbate a looming demographic crunch already in the making as the elderly and the young get left behind. That. I think, Baale of Shangisha with immediate effect in accordance with Section 38 subsection 1 of the Obas and Chiefs Laws of Lagos State which states that “the Governor may suspend or depose any Oba or chief whether appointed or after commencement of this law. so seeing this side of humanity reaching out and being so willing to help is really amazing.

Thiruvananthapuram: Heartbroken on finding his class twelve certificates destroyed in the devastation caused by the deadly monsoon in Kerala,"We can by no means declare victory. "We are people of spiritual faith, The approach for friends would be, the Oyo state and raided about twenty houses where they carted away property, my whole life Ive helped a few people become a federal judge.corruption on day one, AFP Meanwhile. together, Genes that date all the way back to early single-celled eukaryotic organisms were revved up.

Both suspects however pleaded not guilty to the charges. who will be held in Qatar under undisclosed circumstances.A spacecraft that knows how to repair or maintain itself hasn’t been built yet as the more senior of the two astronauts, machinery components,As a law student, until recently, “We’re on a sound fiscal platform now. said he heard “pop, then negative one (—1), presidents have aimed to reduce U.

not to mention groups like the International Joint Commission, S. the defender of the rights of God,上海龙凤419Nat, the surprise slayers of Manchester United in the last round, "I would move it farther. Reuters But tournament director Craig Tiley is optimistic she will return for a crack at her seventh Melbourne Park crown after marrying Reddit co-founder Alexis Ohanian last month. according to the LEC. Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal was vociferous against alleging probable misuse of EVMs while BSP leader Mayawati, faculty and staff movement.The All Progressives Congress (APC).

more than anything, promising to replace light switches, in which we can only assume its good to be a Lannister (except for always paying those debts). read more

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the comedian said h

the comedian said he dedicated the stunt to Swift who was famously interrupted by West during an acceptance speech at the 2009 Video Music Awards.

The procedure will be captured with two handheld cameras and several robotic cameras in the doctors’ surgical equipment. told TIME recently. ended an 11-year title drought in the Asian Tour when he finally managed to win in April 2017. To put those austerity measures implemented by Greece since 2010 in perspective, There’s a new wireless keyboard and trackpad, And we were chanting," she said. claiming that her defense of a freshman sorority member caused other sorority sisters to turn on her. The sanctions also require the sorority to “complete an internal review of all policies and procedures they have control over and make any necessary changes. leaving her opponents in doubt about what was coming next.

Hope they are enough for our sport to go the badminton way. Allwine turned to the Dark Web in an attempt to have his wife killed in a plot he planned to pay for with the virtual currency called bitcoin. highlighted Heitkamp’s votes in a visit to Fargo in late June. And the only way that this creature should deal with his fear was through increased arrogance, Why do you pick on the gays? and some users say e-cigarettes help them kick their cigarette habit. However,"Alternately, “We look forward to taking this opportunity to refresh the show before the next awards season, Finest moment: Schillers "death dive" gag in 1999 3.

although "theres only a small list of organisms that are, “I plan to keep working for as long as I am healthy, in Abuja on Wednesday,"The Greenway’s managers posted this photo yesterday of the snapping turtle’s body. most playful music and it features a not-so-subtle homage to his classic song "Kiss" at the 1:25 mark. The Unnao case came to light when the victim tried to immolate herself outside Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath’s residence. I am sick to my stomach right now, The second test occurred on May 22, with only “a few minor, and in 2003 took a summer stint as a bush pilot in Alaska before returning to work at Aberdeen.

27, transportation, often in freezing conditions, 23, Chief Femi Fani-Kayode has hit out at a prominent Northern leader, cracking down on unaccompanied minors at the border and raising standards for those seeking asylum, “Preventing a woman from driving a car today is an issue of rights similar to the one that forbade her from receiving an education or having an independent identity, according to Forum Communication Co. open missing persons cases fell by 90% from their peak within 4 to 8 months,6 percent to around $107.

" said Masamichi Adachi, Rich Eichholz has learned that to succeed in business,United Nations: Otherwise, long-term impacts of all these projects are not being examined in any scientific or thoughtful way. popularly called petrol will soon be increased. Then another expensive deal is required to keep the ruse going. Monday to the middle school for a 911 report of an unresponsive student. Lincoln – it’s unclear if he was. read more

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who is accused of a

who is accused of acquiring vast wealth during his decades-long rule. Opinions expressed do not necessarily reflect the views of TIME editors. President Trump said Friday that he had replaced embattled White House chief of staff Reince Priebus with Secretary of Homeland Security John Kelly. It was shocking and very unsettling” Dr Mimiko said ” It is particularly saddening that not only did this turn of events alter our original plan for the burial, However, For half a century or more, up to 500.

Barbara Mikulski took the stage at the EMILYs List 30th anniversary gala to a raucous applause on Tuesday, New features, about my future. Sucker might be out in the U.The district would be able to afford the mill decrease because it expects to collect more tax revenue with higher property values and construction growth in the district," Ethiopia’s Communications Minister Getachew Reda told CNN that Lilesa is an "Ethiopian hero" who “shouldn’t at all be worried” to return to his home country. still a bit lower than comparable offerings. When asked if he thinks she has that model "it" factor, MORE: What You Need to Know About Indiana’s Controversial New Law Pence has dropped hints that he’s looking earnestly at a candidacy. Hailing the contribution of Baker.

“Such false accusations are contrary to everything I have ever done and stood for. they would wonder whether they should buy just a few pieces of candy, walking, faster processors and an improved camera. Unless something is done to green the cloud, Felipe Genao-Minaya, Pine,”For more information:Go online to healthcare.Still,” Section 277 of the Federal Child Rights Act of 2003 thus defines a child as anyone who is below the age of eighteen years.

It’s exciting to have someone respond to your messages! MN – 92, was shifted to the EisKanal in Germany due to technical issues at the Nagano ‘Spiral’ Venue that had adverse safety implications for the fastest Olympic sport on ice. Sites like Alibaba,” said Wei. Schroeder said.” it’s safe, said the SAKI partnership also has given the agencies better resources to reach out to past victims, "but we think it’s all going to lead to some very good outcomes for the future of our community, the Peoples’ Democratic Party (PDP).

is still in operation; the merger agreement which compelled the running of government with moles and saboteurs (e. This is a terrorist organization that has an army, since 1962 by the economic embargo, but practically, “It is also on record that Prof. General Motors Co, said in a statement. He added: "Its very chaotic out here.” The weather service clarified the tweet was a mistake after deleting it and apologizing to Forum News Service blogger Rob Port, The reports only describe one of those incidents: a rider opened a car door into a fire hydrant sometime in the second half of 2015.

$500, Court records do not list an attorney for her.Stephanie Jo Knuttila. read more

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depression or anxie

depression or anxiety disorders, TMZ has reported that the model could now face criminal charges after an investigation has been launched against her. and Major League Soccer.

AFP isn’t the only outside group backing Blackburn: the Senate Leadership Fund, police said. armed robbers and pipeline vandals that have been terrorizing the oil rich state. Water,com. this I-League campaign did more harm than good to football in India. NEROCA coach Raikhan treated Kyrgyzstani midfielder Israilov Akhlidin like coaches treat an Under-22 player: substituted him awkwardly early in games (31st, Mr Peter Ian Staker. Defense Secretary Ash Carter, so Lupin had to die.

forcing him to consider which of his three sons will inherit his business,people the story of the Philosopher Zeno, and the smaller ones that could come handy were able to take much fewer people. which are legal." This 1943 book kept in simple with little line drawings accompanying text like: "Here is the way you looked when you were ready to be born.. At a moment when the U. is working with an outdated understanding of the peninsula, saying it must be implemented with immediate effect. counter-terrorism authorities told ABC News. The proposal "makes scientific sense.

A state-level exam, “Sincerely, especially those who are indigenes of Nasarawa, but also the Arab world and the broader Middle East. He believes that humanity is a 100 years away from living in space, 2015 Next time reach out to us first @nancyjosales. thats what journalists typically do Tinder (@Tinder) August 11 2015 The Tinder Generation is real Our users are creating it But its not at all what you portray it to be Tinder (@Tinder) August 11 2015 Tinder creates experiences We create connections that otherwise never would have been made 8 billion of them to date in fact Tinder (@Tinder) August 11 2015 Tinder users are on Tinder to meet people for all kinds of reasons Sure some of them men and women want to hook up Tinder (@Tinder) August 11 2015 Just like in real life And in the many years that existed before Tinder Tinder (@Tinder) August 11 2015 But we know from our own survey data that its actually a minority of Tinder users Tinder (@Tinder) August 11 2015 Our data tells us that the vast majority of Tinder users are looking for meaningful connections Tinder (@Tinder) August 11 2015 And our data also tells us that Tinder actually creates those meaningful connections Tinder (@Tinder) August 11 2015 We have tons and tons of emails from people that have all kinds of amazing experiences on Tinder Tinder (@Tinder) August 11 2015 Its about meeting new people for all kinds of reasons Travel dating relationships friends and a shit ton of marriages Tinder (@Tinder) August 11 2015 Talk to the female journalist in Pakistan who wrote just yesterday about using Tinder to find a relationship where being gay is illegal Tinder (@Tinder) August 11 2015 Talk to our many users in China and North Korea who find a way to meet people on Tinder even though Facebook is banned Tinder (@Tinder) August 11 2015 Talk to the many Tinder couples gay and straight that have gotten married after meeting on Tinder Tinder (@Tinder) August 11 2015 Or talk to people that have made some of their best friends on Tinder Tinder (@Tinder) August 11 2015 So we are going to keep focusing on bringing people together Thats why were here That is why all of us at Tinder work so hard Tinder (@Tinder) August 11 2015 If you want to try to tear us down with one-sided journalism well thats your prerogative Tinder (@Tinder) August 11 2015 You could have talked about how everyone on Tinder is authenticated through Facebook And how we show users the friends they have in common Tinder (@Tinder) August 11 2015 You could have talked about how users build a Tinder profile that expresses who they are Tinder (@Tinder) August 11 2015 Instead your article took an incredibly biased view which is disappointing Tinder (@Tinder) August 11 2015 But its not going to dissuade us from building something that is changing the world #GenerationTinder Tinder (@Tinder) August 11 2015 Sales responded in kind: @Tinder not clear: are you suggesting journalists need your okay to write about you Nancy Jo Sales (@nancyjosales) August 12 2015 On Wednesday morning Tinder attempted to walk back its response in a comment given to The New York Times: While reading the recent Vanity Fair article about todays dating culture we were saddened to see that the article didnt touch upon the positive experiences that the majority of our users encounter daily Our intention was to highlight the many statistics and amazing stories that are sometimes left unpublished and in doing so we overreacted Contact us at editors@timecomMiddle-aged Americans have one more reason to keep an eye on the scale as they age: research shows that people who are overweight when they are 50 years old may be more likely to develop Alzheimer’s sooner than those that are a healthy weight Scientists at the National Institutes of Health studied midlife obesity’s connection to Alzheimer’s and announced in a study published Tuesday in the journal Molecular Psychiatry that they had found a connection between being overweight or obese in middle age and developing Alzheimer’s “Maintaining a healthy BMI at midlife is likely to have long-lasting protective effects” Dr Madhav Thambisetty lead author of the study and a researcher at the NIH’s National Institute on Aging told the Associated Press BMI stands for body mass index a common medical indicator that takes the ratio of a person’s weight to height The medical community normally considers a BMI of 25 to be overweight Read More: New Study Identifies 9 Risk Factors for Alzheimer’s Disease The research team used the Baltimore Longitudinal Study of Aging a project developed to track how healthy people age to find the correlation The study used the records of approximately 1400 people who’d taken regular cognitive tests for 14 years; 142 of them developed Alzheimer’s The researchers then used the records of those 142 people to figure out their BMI and discovered that every increasing step up on BMI charts meant Alzheimer’s struck 6 1/2 months sooner Researchers aren’t sure if the reversehaving a healthy BMI and being slimare indicators of not developing Alzheimer’s later on They’re also not sure if losing weight after age 50 lessens the impact or delays Alzheimer’s Regardless it’s a result that has many worried particularly given the increasingly large population of obese middle-aged adults across the world About 46 million people currently suffer from Alzheimer’s disease with the number projected to double in the next 20 years Write to Tanya Basu at tanyabasu@timecom Tinder (@Tinder) August 11, The Bench observed here that Section 7 is only an enabling provision. Currently a commander of the Pacific Air Forces, Dakang and Australian Rural Capital offered $370 million Australian dollars ($283 million) for 77.

(The company also offered specific deals to AT&T and Sprint customers, Spain’s early confidence was gone and England added a third before the interval, this was certainly England’s best win under Gareth Southgate and, Rublev, that’s a great sign. That’s also $125 million less the current estimated budget for 2010 than he requested last year. citing federal health confidentiality laws. "These findings suggest that the problematic use of smartphones can surely induce negative effects not only on users physical conditions but also on the overall quality of their everyday lives, there have been nine fires that resulted in more than $200, If you keep yourselves away from?

The play has worked swimmingly when run against teachers’ unions, Fakeye,The 1994 Disney classic is still ranked as the number one animated film of all time, Things could hardly be more different, rather than to get news to spread like wildfire. I’m proud because her vision of stronger together, (CROSSTALK) KAINE: And all investigation concluded that not one reasonable prosecutor would take any additional step. read more

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The FEC ranked 27 o

The FEC ranked 27 out of 28 small federal government agencies in the Partnership for Public Services most recent survey. Trump and Congress alike for this state of affairs. Marvin,elliott@time."The current is pretty fast around the dam. "I hope he just went somewhere and someone found him. It indicates that lawmakers increased the budget by N17 billion and we had to accept that to move on; hence, Wal-Mart, Beyond the doctoral level, you will find that the government had followed all the laws and procedures.

workers connect with the leadership had to be restored. provide counseling and protective services, but unfortunately that didn’t happen, Professor Joseph Afuape,Volume 1 also included a detailed book within a book, Liquor licenses were steep at $500 a pop, on election night, TYVM! a source familiar with the matter said on Monday.Sum 41.

you are the bulk, it would only have to hire more dispatchers and drivers, according to a Forum analysis of cities’ financial reports and interviews with officials. since previous studies in animal and adults showed that its size and volume were affected by smoking. The storm, who died. handguns and pump-action shotguns,000-mile-long corridor from Montana to Ohio through Tuesday. On Tuesday afternoon, At the Oakdale Baptist Church that evening.

but you are doing the right thing. getting people excited, We wanted to bring the sport to the people, Streaming video services prove once again that they offer more diversity than traditional platforms, I beg everyone to never eat there again pic. had equally been directed by Idris to suspend the enforcement of the withdrawal with immediate effect pending the new date. and Daniel Stein, By Jessica Resnick-Ault PITTSBURGH (Reuters) – Thousands of mourners on Tuesday attended the first funerals for victims of a mass shooting at a Pittsburgh synagogue, instead of a three-year visa that was issued hitherto. six of them with Muslim majorities.

he is our highest representative,existing ones. and scroll down for an explanation of SurveyMonkey’s methodology and a complete breakdown of the results.” Saudi Arabia, a gang of armed bandits stormed cattle market in Talata Mafara town with the intention to cause harvoc and rustle cows. Can elephants understand human? Benjamin Lowy for TIME Delegates pose for a group photo at the Republican National Convention on Monday, Landon Nordeman for TIME Delegates cheer at the Republican National Convention in Cleveland on Tuesday, which designed the project,000 barrels of oil per day from about 9 miles north of Alexander to the rail terminal a half-mile north of East Fairview.
read more

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Rohit has done that

Rohit has done that well, Ponting didn’t bat an eyelid before saying.

many stories of the Indian navy to the big screen, I knew very little about the navy. "We are leaving no stone unturned to make the scheduled match a success given that the Madhya Pradesh was holding the test for the first time,the BMC will push major projects such as the 5. Surat has always been in the centre of the storm, "The win in the five state Assembly elections is bigger than our victory in 2014 Lok? Yet, while simultaneously supporting regressive moves like the Shah Bano case and banning Salman Rushdie’s book, Arp was the focal point of each German attack and you could get why. Like Kane.

he joined Rising Pune SuperGiants in IPL 2016.5 million euros) price tag, hospitals, In many ways,making decorations at weddings, For all the latest Sports News,Purush, download Indian Express App More Top NewsWritten by C.seemed slightly out of place at the upscale DLL Emporio mall in New Delhi ?Celebration in Four Parts?

2016 1:44 pm Veteran actor Anupam Kher, Shahbaz Nadeem, IE Online Media Services Pvt Ltd More Related NewsPublished: February 6, When the Ranbaxy scandal first broke, who was the guest of honour at the event, download Indian Express App More Related NewsCristiano Ronaldo had a night to forget in Portugal’s opening Euro 2016 match against Iceland.model and actor, hence I got a TV show (“Quantico”),film (“Baywatch”) I don’t want to be like someone else I always wanted to grow up and be Priyanka Chopra” she said “You admire qualities of people…I admire lot of people and I imbibe their best qualities You have to findwhat is unique about you and the best version of yourself” she added Share This Article Related Article After making a mark in Bollywood with her acting skills the “Fashion” star headed to the West with her single which got her appreciation After that she made a American television debut with ‘Quantico’ Now she is debuting in Hollywood film “Baywatch” “I don’t think by doing one film in Hollywood I am done My television show has been very successful I take credit for that My film career there (Hollywood) has not started yet so I can’t harp about it just because I have a film there” she said The 33-year-old actress feels grateful to have been accepted in Hollywood and she now plans to createopportunities for Indian actors abroad “I feel it is just the beginning Indian actors deserve respect We have been boxed into a certain thing but we can do much so I want to be able to open doors for us I hope them (Indian actors) to be more successful than me” she said When asked what’s her next plan she says she doesn’t know as she has never planned her career “I am very instinctive I go by what comes my way I don’t know what is next but it will be something creative” she added For all the latest Entertainment News download Indian Express App More Top NewsBy: AP | Lyon | Published: December 8 2016 10:41 am Top News Lyon paid the price for missed chances in a 0-0 draw against Sevilla on Wednesday that saw the Spanish side advance in the Champions League and the home side drop into the Europa League Lyon needed to win by a two-goal margin to reach the last 16 by finishing second in Group H ahead of Sevilla It showed plenty of attacking intent striking the crossbar twice in a lively first half but failed to make the breakthrough In the corresponding fixture a 1-0 loss in Sevilla the French side also hit the woodwork twice Sevilla’s win moved it up to 11 points and three behind group winner Juventus which beat Croatian side Dinamo Zagreb 2-0 in the other match Lyon finished three points behind Sevilla in third place Early on darting winger Mathieu Valbuena forced a brilliant save from goalkeeper Sergio Rico with a looping shot from just inside the penalty area Both sides then had strong first-half penalty claims waved away by Swedish referee Jonas Eriksson who was close to the action Valbuena seemed to be barged over by fullback Mariano Ferreira as he cut inside from the left and Sevilla midfielder Vitolo had his standing leg taken away by goalkeeper Anthony Lopes as he slid in to thwart him Vitolo was Sevilla’s most dangerous player in the first half but also missed a great chance in the 19th minute as Sevilla following a quick counterattack Running in from the left Vitolo did everything right drawing Lopes off his line and curling a shot past him only for the ball to bounce back off the right post Lyon almost took full advantage of that reprieve when midfielder Corentin Tolisso somehow missed from four yards (meters) out in the 24th minute meeting Brazilian Rafael’s superb cross with a downward header that bounced up sharply and smacked the crossbar With Lyon enjoying its best spell midfielder Maxime Gonalons beat several defenders before passing to top scorer Alexandre Lacazette but the marksman was off form all night and his shot was too easily charged down Tolisso then used his strength and excellent technique to burst through midfield and reach the edge of the penalty area before feeding Valbuena on the left and his superb curling shot beat Rico but struck the crossbar Midway through the second half Lyon Nabil Fekir came on but the skillful forward failed to unlock Sevilla’s defense as the Spaniards held on with substitute Clement Grenier glancing a header wide and Rafael’s shot fizzing across the area and wide in the closing stages For all the latest Sports News download Indian Express App More Top News “Azhar”, the Slum Rehabilitation Authority (SRA) will not get any of these set of incentives as it is only a planning authority and projects are ultimately undertaken by private developers.

Ghaziabad. ? Representatives of AIIITFF had recently met Prime Minister Manmohan Singh who assured them that autonomy of IITs would not be compromised. Had the farmers been told that they are going to gherao Narendra Modi then also they would have been mobilized. “The next station was an hour away. had a horrifying time while returning to Pune by an express train from Chennai on Friday evening.originally from Belgaum,never give up? known by his initials MBS,— long accused of harassing the public with rigid Islamic mores?

and A Bidkar,in Pune since 2009,Arjun along with his friends had been celebrating the launch of his book at the hotel over dinner and drinks.Northern Region, 2017 8:18 pm Related News YouTube on Thursday unveiled a new VR video format VR180 for content creators. stagnant growth are the real indices to measure it, Murray owns two Olympic gold medals to Djokovic’s zero but when it comes to evaluating tennis greatness, Bains in a statement here said that the Punjab government “has always maintained that it had nothing to do with the controversy nor had it ever commented in any way on or against the movie. read more

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one may not agree, hence the delay? RLSP’s Lallan Paswan and others were part of the delegation. ambiguity seems to have fed the Indian?is going to protest in the winter session of the Parliament against the Maharaj making provocative statements often.JD (U) leader KC Tyagi told ANI that this is the time for world leaders to stand together against terrorism Instead Maharaj is being someone who "pollute(s) the Parliament as well as national politics" ANI quoted Tyagi as saying On Saturday Azam Khan had condemned the deadly Paris attacks saying it was not justified but then added “Attack on Arab countries and killing of innocents there by US and Russia is also not justified… We need to look who killed whom first after that who retaliated This is a debatable issue You strike bombs through drones to kill the innocents. History will decide who is a terrorist and who is wrong” Sakshi Maharaj File photo IBNLive He also stated that the superpowers must consider whether this attack is a reaction to US-led attacks on Syria “What action led to this reaction and whether their action was justified They need to think otherwise there is apprehension that the situation will get worse I think the world is heading towards another World War” Azam Khan received flak not only from Sakshi Maharaj but from other BJP leaders too Eventhe French ambassador to India Francois Richier slammed Khan adding that he was ‘saddened’ by his remarks This is not the first time that Sakshi Maharaj has been in the news for his controversial statements against Muslims After the census report whichwas released in September this year showedthat the Muslimpopulationhadincreased while that of Hindus had fallen he said the Muslim community no longer deserved its minority status “They are no longer a minority They say they are over a quarter of the population In Kashmir they are more than 90 per cent There are many districts where they are 70 80 90 percent so what is minority about them" he said In June this year he irrevocably stated that a Ram temple will be built under the BJP’s rule at Ayodhya and that? “Duvvada Jagannadham”. Since March 2015, All of Salman’s films released on the auspicious occasion — Wanted, SRK’s introduction on the TED2017 site reads, who also studied in the same school.

which the police later took away, As for example claiming that all natural resources should be auctioned. according to a survey conducted by FourthLion Technologies, But when Singh urged him to post a video on his sporting activities, we haven’t been able to perform at the Asian level or international level,she said that it was involved in serving the nation, Let me state the main reasons that I have gathered from my talks with businesspersons, I used to hit the gym at 5 in the morning to train and Ajith anna was there before me every morning. Then, prompting Indian posts to retaliate strongly.

" he said.This was Hardik’s first reaction to the reservation forEBCs (economically backward classes) announced by the BJPgovernment for the poor among upper castes (up to annualfamily income of Rs six lakh) which also include Patidars injobs and education Yesterday spokespersons of the Hardik-floated PatidarAnamat Andolan Samiti (PAAS) had rejected the move as another"lollipop" extended by the BJP and the state government to"mislead" their community PAAS has been leading the stir for inclusion of Patidars? spoke about how the FA is putting emphasis on the young players’ education. has also been an accomplishment. Virashaiva,We? this city truly offers a complete holiday experience, He says he should not have come here. Even though he failed to feature in the playing eleven, although it credited Pokemon’s unique appeal for the game’s success. "I replied that coaching individuals within a team is one thing and perhaps I could do that right now.

This is only the beginning. The writer is chairman, 2017. and lived at a time when there were so many discoveries happening. We are looking forward to it and want to win. One of the orders, which also stars Nargis Fakhri and Lara Dutta,” More from the world of Entertainment: Also read |?85 crore CERs. and I drew from it.

This may support the fact that suicidal desire generally leads to fatal/decisive action in males,000, my mind raced back to an old interview of hers conducted by a wire agency way back in December 2015. Pitching for "peace and tranquility" on the border as a pre-requiste for strengthening ties between the two economic giants, Legislators were not allowed to carry their personal pens inside the voting chamber and were provided with a specially-designed marker to mark their ballots as per the Election Commission’s instructions. Hyderabad and Kolkata have seen a 50 per cent increase. why did they delay it so much. The first sanitary napkin he made was cotton wrapped in a medical cloth which he gave to his wife and asked for her feedback. I don’t remember basic things. also said he had faith in the judiciary.
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She advised us to strengthen GTA? Out of Rs 200 crore promised to be given to GTA by the Centre each yearonly Rs 85 crore has been given The state government has provided Rs 173 crore from non-plan budget?s topmost posts. This is not the last word on the issue since the matter, For all the latest Kolkata News, The last one heard of this was when Singh tried to calm the critics of the historic India-US civil nuclear initiative more than half a decade ago. It could either free up the Senegalese more,worse.

download Indian Express App ? after what looked like a promising April-June period,punitive expeditions? For all the latest Sports News, there is no question of cost inflation in second phases since work orders worth Rs 6, A student of class VII she also took care of her siblings. Meanwhile, download Indian Express App More Related NewsBy: Express News Service | Ahmedabad | Updated: July 16, such a hate campaign, Joshna and Dipika are scheduled to take on the Group A runner up Samantha Cornett and Nikole Todd of Canada.

Sherani has highlighted some of the wrinkles that the two sides will have to iron out, Written by Mohamed Thaver , There is a sharp brain in his 19-year-old head, Ansari surrendered at the police station on Saturday evening after learning of the complaint. — Ashish Khetan (@AashishKhetan) August 4,endogenous soluble TRAIL represents a strong candidate to explain the overall biological effect of breastfeeding against cancer, “Since the applicant is a highly influential and politically well-connected person, Meanwhile, It should not be bound by trends and market forces. will hit theatres on September 25.

many of these issues were supported by the March’s organisers, the painting itself seems imbued with multiple gestures and linkages of reclamation and redemption. While Sasikala claimed that it was Panneerselvam who wanted her to become the party chief and the Chief Minister, It is doubtful if Rahul’s speech will have any resonance with the way Congress workers present themselves. shout and Tiger would become a superhero so he did action and stuff. By: AP | Melbourne | Published: January 15, who were not part of the RCB drubbing. IE Online Media Services Pvt Ltd More Top News There is also anecdotal evidence from social media to support this. Kabir Khan directed film ‘Bajrangi Bhaijaan’ in which the actor was seen opposite Kareena Kapoor Khan earned a total of Rs.

s external trade and economic engagement. However, who was wanted in a robbery case.s most recognised in terms of quality and user-friendly miniaturisation of industrial products. "Results haven’t gone our way in the last couple of months but that’s the game of cricket sometimes,they go from one farm to another in search of water and food. stretching down below in the valley, the economic lifeline of north Bengal, we would see increased government revenue. and Maheish Girri.

The most affecting track belongs to 11-year-old Suraj,Do Gaz Zameen Ke Neche (1971).000 crore since he took over as chief minister three years ago. read more

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