We all love a new gadget that helps to keep us con

first_imgWe all love a new gadget that helps to keep us connected on the road. Telstra‘s latest is the Pre-paid 4GX Car Wi-Fi device that lets users connect to the Telstra Mobile Network when in coverage areas.This mobile broadband gadget gives travellers and tourism operators the ability to turn any car or hotel room into a Wi-Fi hotspot when in Telstra coverage areas. It’s an absolute must for any limousine or people-mover transfers, letting guests reconnect with the world from the moment they leave the airport.The new gadget is the perfect travel tech companion companies on the move. It simply plugs into a car’s USB slot or 12 volt power outlet to create a Wi-Fi hotspot that can connect up to five compatible devices at one time.Capable of the fastest 4G speeds in Australia when in 4GX areas, this device gives you a flexible way to tap into Australia’s most reliable mobile network with coverage across more than 2.4 million square kilometres of land.Unlike other car Wi-Fi products, this gadget also comes with an AC wall charger, so it’s perfect for every leg of the journey in Australia turning a holiday house or hotel room into a Wi-Fi hotspot. It also comes with a USB extensions cable that makes it easier to connect in hard-to-reach places, and indicator lights that let users know when it’s time to recharge.Available in store and online for just $79 RRP, the Telstra Pre-Paid 4GX Car Wi-Fi comes with 3GB data pre-loaded with a 30 day expiry period to use in Australia. Customers can also recharge their device with Telstra’s recently launched Pre-Paid Mobile Broadband Data Passes.last_img

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