Development trend of domestic apparel market in 2015

Development trend of domestic apparel market in 2015

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2015 has quietly gone half, for many entrepreneurs, the trend of the apparel industry is now the most concerned about them, then the development trend of the apparel industry in recent years is how? The whole network Xiaobian for you a detailed analysis.

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2015 9 rural electricity supplier entrepreneurial opportunities

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national entrepreneurship gradually transition from the city to the countryside, the development of rural e-commerce will enter the explosive growth period. Do you want to seize the moment the strongest entrepreneurial opportunity? So the following nine rural electricity supplier business choice you can not miss!

A, rural electricity, rural purchasing business

2015 electronic business platform channel sink into the mainstream trend, Jingdong, Alibaba and other electricity providers platform in the county, rural electricity providers in the field to burn hot. China’s first tier cities online shopping crowd of about 450 million, the county and rural electricity supplier market more than 900 million people. With the rapid development of the Internet in rural areas, the rural electricity supplier in 2015 blowout development, rural electricity providers to usher in an important business opportunities.

[suggestion] business this time the development of rural electricity, rural residents, is a good opportunity, can refer to centralized business model:

1, lending platform business model: in the village of Ali Amoy, Jingdong purchasing mode. This requires the platform to apply for electricity providers, but also has a certain threshold.

2, independent entrepreneurial model: focus on the needs of local users, focused on purchasing orders under the major platform model, this model can lead to more rural cutting-edge Internet crowd entrepreneurship.

[success rate] assumes

two, the county rural electricity supplier logistics enterprise

24 year old girl selling ice cream for 1 years to earn $200 thousand

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is now the difficult employment problem has been more and more serious, so for many college students venture has become the first choice to develop their careers, even female entrepreneurs as long as the choice of the project can become a lifelong career the most profitable! On the whole network Xiaobian bring you a case.

2000, Liu Weili graduated from high school, no matter how family persuasion, she just doesn’t want to read. Subsequently, the arrangement of the family, she went to work in a property company in Harbin. Just started to work, in the face of everything new, 19 year old Liu Weili feel very happy.

How free fish pickled pepper Yan – Entrepreneurial

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pepper pickled cabbage fish? The market is popular, the best choice to be trusted. Join pepper pickled fish shop Yan, can not lose! Of course, choose to join pepper pickled fish Yan, the consumer is also suffering from the delicious food. Worthy of trust, it is worthwhile to join the project, you are still hesitant what?

Yan fish taste pepper sauerkraut is vast, the pickled fish dishes presented in this form of love to eat fast food, pickled fish commuters have delicious food, pickled pepper Yan fish taste delicious, is the ideal choice for catering to join, if you want to open a special restaurant pepper, pickled fish Yan want to give you delicious.

although cooking is a very interesting thing, but now people are too busy, basically do not have time to enjoy cooking. Eating out is more. Pepper pickled cabbage fish shop, a new fresh fish, with sauerkraut, give people a lot of wonderful enjoyment. Pepper pickled cabbage fish have a future?. Specialty dining shop, pepper pickled cabbage fish acid entrance.

delicious fish can bring more satisfaction to people, to win recognition, it is worth the attention of countless people. Pepper sauerkraut fish Yan is carey selected high-quality ecological snakehead conducive to human health, for diners to store fish freshly killed, the accessories are collocation authentic Sichuan Sichuan old altar pickled cabbage, wild pepper, sour radish and other secret recipe.

site cooking, you can keep the fish’s nutrition, people are optimistic about. Pepper pickled cabbage and small fish in order to allow customers to eat more at ease, but also deliberately adopted the method of cooking on the spot, to increase the safety of customers and a layer of protection. In many cases, the product because of its taste, to attract more consumer attention. Pepper pickled cabbage fish how to join the pepper and pickled cabbage fish, open not the general feast of food feast, the word fish in China and the Chinese character "Yu" homophonic, that is, "year after year," the word, meaning auspicious.

many delicious, worthy of countless people optimistic, and much attention. How pepper and pepper pickled fish Yan Yan pickled fish? At the same time to join the new launch health series of fish pot, not only take into account the classic traditional delicious pickled fish, pickled fish pepper Yan is a combination of modern people’s health needs, so the world will get many health family love.

has a popular taste, good market opportunities. Small entrepreneurial choice to join pepper pickled cabbage fish project, the success of venture worthy of trust, it is worth choosing. Such a good choice to join the project, do you still not echocardiography? Hurry up!

What are the domestic wine sales terminal

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drinks market is one of the most important components of the Chinese market, because of the reasons for China’s national conditions, there are a lot of brands, each year to create wealth is naturally huge. But if you want to do a good job related to the business, naturally also need to know the terminal product sales. Also, for the wine brand sales, consumption is always an important link to join venture drinks, the consumer terminal also determines a wine brand sales, domestic wine sales will have what terminal?

domestic wine to join, will produce some terminals, each terminal has driven the rapid rise of some wine makers also eliminated some did not follow the development of the times and development direction of wine, wine must adapt to the development of the terminal, the only way to talent shows itself.

the first terminal — super

before the reform and opening up, the main planned economy, the catering industry is not developed, beverage sales terminals are mainly concentrated in the super. The main purpose of people’s consumption is the gift and wedding, consumption places mainly in the home. There were no other terminals. Super sales of wine is the main channel terminal. Until now, the main business is the non terminal channels of drinking water.

second is terminal — Hotel

reform and opening up, with the development of economy, the rise of the hotel, the hotel beverage consumption has become a new terminal. Part of the wine merchants to buy out the hotel, control the beverage consumption in the hotel, the rapid rise. Beverage consumption in the hotel is the main channel of the beverage market. This stage is the main business and the hotel is the main terminal and divided the world. According to relevant data, that is, the consumption of the consumer market even more than non drink sales channels.

third terminal — buy

this is a consumer terminal with Chinese characteristics, very few foreign research channels to separate this channel. After the hotel drinks monopoly, the price doubled, the interests of consumers suffered damage, bring their own drinks become inevitable. Bring your own beverage to all the customers who bought wine in the hotel directly from the beverage manufacturer.

a number of entrepreneurial projects to join the trend of wine suppliers to do the market directly to the consumer, the implementation of the terminal interception of the hotel consumers, especially for some small wine providers to provide a rapid growth opportunities. Foreign wine merchants to enter the Chinese market is only metaphysical into the Super Hotel and the hotel, did not realize the special nature of the Chinese market, which is also a reason for their acclimatized.

no matter what kind of channel into the beverage business in the big market, but even if the beverage sales in the end where it is not clear, so how to make their own

Cool blue sky Mens highlight temperament good brand – Business

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temperament, for each of us, are very important. Whether men or women, good temperament is to make us look very spirit. Well, good temperament to create, of course, for the choice of clothing. Cool blue sky men, is the best choice to highlight the temperament of men.

said a man, can not handsome long, no money, no good family background, but must have the temperament. Cool blue sky men, a large number of products, positioning more than age of men’s clothing, style changeable, interpretation of men’s temperament, joined the shop by the customer sought after. Cool blue sky men’s interpretation of temperament, joined the store sales considerable.



Beijing golden seed venture established in Hebei Valley

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now the country are positive for some entrepreneurs to create a good social environment of entrepreneurship, and established a lot of business incubators, provide a good platform for social entrepreneurship of young entrepreneurs.

Jinzhongzi multi-creation space was established, for the majority of small and medium-sized enterprises and entrepreneurs to build business counseling training, project incubation and investment, entrepreneurship and investment and financing docking, market promotion and industrial chain docking comprehensive business service platform, will become the Hebei province science and Technology Beijing Tianjin Hebei collaborative development in the rapid development of the entrepreneurial engine. The creation of the public space will also introduce a number of national investment institutions settled, the establishment of incubator funds for entrepreneurs to follow the scientific and technological achievements into the landing of the capital.

The establishment of the


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Cui Ning back to the countryside to open Taobao store considerable revenue

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in this world, there are always some people who are not the same with us, they are not complacent, always love to challenge myself, have great goals, such as today’s actor, he had to work in the company’s income is stable, is generally more envious of that kind of, but later he turned back to his rural home selection start Taobao shop, his business? Look together.

Entrepreneurial example Feng Liu Huaying selected 2015 national scientific and technological innovat

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innovative entrepreneurial role model should play a leading role in giving more positive energy entrepreneurs, entrepreneurial pioneer events should be publicized so that more people know. Liu Huaying Laifeng selected 2015 national innovative talents of science and technology, let’s take a look at his brilliant entrepreneurial!

innovative promotion plan "is" a major talent project national long-term talent plan "to determine, for selected personnel plan, Ministry of science and technology through the national science and technology major projects, National Science and technology plan to give priority support to track training and examination management, recommended on the basis of national" people plan".



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A bowl of fragrant yellow chicken stew Steamed Rice join advantage and join conditions are introduce

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braised chicken rice in the snack industry is a relatively stable food and beverage brand project, because of its taste for the public, and a bowl of rice nutrition. So it has been tepid plain living in the catering sector, but pay attention to join the yellow chicken stew Steamed Rice investors, brand this thing is really strange, he is like a magnet to attract more consumers are attracted to you. So this can not be ignored. What brand of braised chicken rice to join a better? Editorial recommendation bowl of fragrant yellow chicken stew Steamed Rice.

bowl of fragrant yellow chicken stew Steamed Rice join advantage:

1 brand advantage: the project name Steamed Rice fragrant bowl of rice in the pot is not a simple yellow chicken stew Steamed Rice, but by the positioning of the high Steamed Rice series products. To avoid the risk of a single product shop and avian influenza.

2, product advantage: characteristics of yellow chicken stew is a bowl of fragrant tasty meat, meat more fragrant soup; Yixian salty, transparent and smooth. At the same time a bowl of braised chicken, fragrant with pork, beef, vegetable dish four sauces, solves the problem of a taste of many products, make more rich and delicious. Based on this, also has the exclusive fragrant bowl mix flour, noodles, and to expand the project to improve project profitability.

3, training advantage: bowl cover products technical training Liuxiang project training, operations training and practical Zhiyingdian internship, to enable investors to fully grasp the ability to guarantee the success rate of shop, shop.

4, service advantage: the implementation of all-weather customer service technology and business guidance service bowl mouth, establish QQ group communication platform, so that investors and between investors and project headquarters to realize seamless communication and docking.

bowl of fragrant yellow chicken stew Steamed Rice join support:

1, a bowl of fragrant yellow chicken stew Steamed Rice product support: headquarters in braised chicken Steamed Rice single product based on the new sale and free collocation, a number of other items, to meet the various needs; at the same time strictly in equipment selection and production of raw materials, packaging, quality assurance in the premise of ensuring unity the taste of.

2, a bowl of fragrant yellow chicken stew Steamed Rice site support: site selection is very important to join in business days after the profit guarantee, analysis of the selected address and evaluate the return on investment will join the cause, the greatest efforts to reduce investment risk, the investment for the franchisee to escort.

3, a bowl of fragrant yellow chicken stew Steamed Rice decoration support: fragrant bowl of braised chicken Steamed Rice headquarters professional staff of the union shop store design, decoration and provide professional guidance, the greatest efforts to ensure unity of brand image, store the effective use of space.