College entrepreneurship policy is not a good college students do not pay

College entrepreneurship policy is not a good college students do not pay

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in order to facilitate the students to start a business, the Ministry of Education issued a suspension of entrepreneurship policy, but from the implementation of the situation, most of the students do not pay the bill? Why is there such a situation? Let’s talk about it!


and a few years earlier, some local and domestic universities to meet the needs of college students venture has the corresponding exploration and practice in the school system and the flexible educational system aspects. In this regard, there are also relevant management measures. So, from the practical point of view, the demand for college students to start out of school how much?

Do you know what to do in the grocery store

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no matter what business are many of the relevant procedures, especially the shop to do business if it is to need a lot of procedures, even today, non-staple food, the shop is a need for the relevant procedures, then, ready to open your grocery store, grocery store to do what procedures for this problem? It is not clear to investors, to listen to a small detail for you


you need to handle documents and documents required steps:

a to the local industry and commerce to approve a shop name, brand name more than a few, because you can’t use the same. The validity of the name approved by the trade and Industry Bureau is valid within 20 days from the date of approval.

b took the name of the name approved by the industry and commerce to the health and epidemic prevention station for the "health permit" (the need for physical examination, to do health certificate) the general cost of about one hundred dollars.

c: take "health permit" of two copies, 3 inch photos, 2 copies of ID card, a copy of the lease contract, and the name of approval, go back to the local industry and commerce to apply for business license, now working speed, about 10 minutes to do business license.

d holding business license, health permits to the Inland Revenue Department for tax registration certificate, very simple. Ok your procedures are complete!

cost issues:

1: monthly pay industrial and commercial management fees; cost specific reference to local policies, not uniform. 3 annual fee for your individual business license to verify the sticker, the cost is not high.

2: health permits once a year, the cost is higher, but usually do not pay fees.

creative is not easy, in the business before they will get everything ready in case there will be confused, these documents are not small, I hope you can remember, if you an amount less than 5000 yuan a month, then do not pay taxes, the state provisions. The amount of processing fees are not uniform around the specific reference to local policies.

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Dongyang has set up a college student village employment promotion will lead the masses to get rich

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for a long time, in the rural management, the role of college student village officials has been affirmed by the society. In the new situation, the college student village officials have a new mission, is to drive the villagers to participate in Entrepreneurship and employment, to achieve the goal of getting rich.

to play a better role in the employment college-graduate village official in Zhejiang Province, before the date of the establishment of Dongyang City college-graduate village official employment promotion. The association is in Dongyang City college-graduate village official as the main body, by the love of the countryside, rooted in rural areas, rural college-graduate village official dedication, unity and related industry entrepreneurs, academics and other social elites, founded in on the non-profit social organizations. It is also Jinhua college student village official employment promotion association Dongyang branch.

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To be able to do business with gratitude to all business customers

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often see the owner of a bad attitude towards customers, even in the event of a very large conflict, if this is the attitude of service, but also how to ensure that the shop business booming development? People often say that "the customer is God", I say, the customer is our God operator. What business do you do without customers? More customers, popularity, you can get into the business, the business is booming. Then you said, you can not be grateful to the customer?

some operators heard this, he may buy goods, not to regard it as right, I provide the consumer goods they need to give them, is a kind of cooperative relationship between supply and demand, what their humble. If you have this idea, you’re wrong. You know, but a man is not humble, the principles of doing business.

sales of goods is not your business, and the purchase of goods, but only one individual, you should ask yourself: what people buy you here and not elsewhere to sell it? So, in the course of the operation, for some new and old customers have to express their gratitude, the old customer is your best resource, new customers will bring you opportunities.

to the customer’s gratitude, from the store atmosphere, service, for the sake of customers, you have to let the customer feel, so as to increase their "back"". We see that in many places in the service industry, you just entered the door, the service staff will say to you "welcome", and you go out, people will say welcome to come next time and so on.

why people are so polite to you, that is, businesses hold a heart of thanksgiving to you, whether you do not consume consumers, who are the guests. It’s not as if a customer comes to you to buy a commodity. Only with a heart of gratitude to the customers, they will think of you next time they go shopping.

I remember last winter, one of the neighboring town into a number of new electric hot pot, sales more prosperous, that this situation, I went to visit, I want to enter some of the sales. Just entered this individual supermarket, the boss came up, it is natural to pass a cigarette, and said the sentence: brother, come! What do you want to buy? In fact, the boss did not know me, but this cigarette, a word, but suddenly the distance between two people, so I feel a very comfortable feeling.

customers can now buy a lot of places, as a business operator, if you do not do a good job of service, can not win the recognition of customers, but also how to attract customers, the development of the store business? So, let us embrace the gratitude to do business, will be of great help to the development of the store business.

Getting rich in rural areas pigeon market concern

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captured a farmer breeding brought countless new ways to get rich, people choose the culture object is not the same, can raise many dove investors, this is the new choice of many farmers get rich, new business opportunities, create new business opportunities, the absolute advantage is obvious, do not miss.

In the morning of

8 1, just before dawn, a white haired old man has been in the village of peace Dongkeng Town of Zhangping city a busy venue opened domestic pigeons. A row of well-proportioned pigeon cage, more than 5 thousand pairs of white feather pigeon habitat. The old man "armed", dressed in white, wearing white hat, wearing a pair of white masks. Feeding, cleaning, inspection, he was busy.

", a retired and I want to do, the rest of my life, this is a good rest. Can be idle for a long time, the total feeling is not the taste, always looking for something to do." Talk to the reason, had to do the pigeon Huang said, "at that time, Zhangping pigeon market is still in the blank, and I’ve been in pigeon are very interested in, so I want to do a pigeon farm."

but, when Huang ideas of family and friends to discuss, dissenting voices can be heard without end. Everyone advised him: "hard for most of my life, now retired, can receive a monthly pension. When you are free, you can go to travel, or planting flowers, why so hard?"

"when first online search related information, then went to the field to study the nearby counties of pigeon. I also mobilized some of the village’s retired, laid-off workers to join my pigeon farm. Pigeon grew up, can sell, I went to the hotel to sell a family run. Every day not bright, I got up, busy until the middle of the night. Although very hard, but my heart is very full." Remember the hardships, Huang felt very happy.

Chinese fast food chains to join the chain is the key to good food

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now has many specialty restaurants, will launch a number of specialty dishes to attract the attention of consumers. If this product is recognized by the public, and elsewhere can not eat, then the store business will be very hot. Chinese fast food chain stores, master the production technology is very important to use good dishes to attract the attention of consumers.

these familiar Cheung brand, our buddy to take food, braised chicken rice with Steamed Rice join, Jingyuan, street food words are "fast food industry, business friends can give some suggestions and references.

camp Chinese fast food to join the chain is the key to rely on your technology, the reason why the delicious move people, is to do the best technology support. The food and beverage store is the most common store on the market, the operating mode is common, low threshold of funds, the return of fast, the biggest benefit of this project is: with the maximum repeat consumption. This is the advantage of catering business. However, some of the food and beverage project requires a higher technical threshold, coupled with fierce competition in the market, the start-up capital of a strong product is slightly larger, the latter part of entrepreneurship, entrepreneurs tend to feel strange way of operation, not easy to manipulate. How to manage Chinese fast food to join the chain of the most prosperous, if the entrepreneur decided to choose business catering, you can take a variety of ways to get started, to protect the most diversified business.

business Chinese fast food chain stores in the choice of dishes must highlight their store characteristics, sensory characteristics of age, is the most important, have their own characteristics in the business can be better, in the risk judgment must be decisive, choose the best taste of the product as the flagship store, must have the highest quality in service, good service can guarantee the amount of tourists you.

operating Chinese fast food chain stores, good dishes can not be less. The store on the market, the type of food business is more serious homogenization, so the brand is destined to do little. Only have their own characteristics, and is accepted by the market, so the natural wealth is no problem, hurry to contact us, not to be missed.

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Business may be more praise

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no matter what kind of person, I am afraid that can not be against the praise of others, therefore, the daily life of more praise, I believe will be of great help to their interpersonal communication. If it is to do business, more praise, but also will help a lot of their business. Therefore, if you want a hot business, more praise, will help you create greater benefits oh.

with the fierce competition in the market, more and more retail stores. Why some supermarket business so prosperous, and some supermarket business is more difficult to do? From my years of experience, I think the most important thing is to establish a close relationship with the customer.

one night, two customers to buy milk, a customer to pick up a bottle of milk, shilly-shally to another customer said: "Mom, the supermarket side is bigger than the supermarket, there are other brands of milk, more choice. Shall we go to that house?" To see another older customer a little hesitation, I went on to say: "did not see it, so you are a mother and daughter ah! I thought you were sisters!"

saw the mother’s face with a smile: "yes, when my daughter went to high school, I went to the parents’ meeting. Her teachers and classmates said we were sisters! This brand of milk is good, just buy it here! The milk in the supermarket is almost the same. It’s a lot of trouble." In this way, I inadvertently praise, they retain the customer.

a lot of time, because of a casual word, which can attract others, to promote business. So, sometimes, inadvertently a compliment, will allow customers to have a favorable impression, thereby avoiding the outflow of customers. Fellow friends, when the customer into the shop, might as well some praise, perhaps your words more than a reason for customers to choose.

Wai eating pepper chicken delicacy join earned stop – business opportunities

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delicious delicacy to join the project choice for business with a small capital entrepreneurs, is a very good opportunity to choose. Around eating pepper chicken? In the catering market, not only has a high popularity, join around eating pepper chicken, or very high-profile project selection.

Wai eating pepper chicken craft exquisite, authentic, lucrative, is a popular delicacy. Wai chew pepper chicken authentic practice, bring good taste to consumers in the Chinese market, the one and only, no one can copy the brand, everyone recognized it, the popular business, bring business platform to a large number of investors.

Wai eating pepper chicken?

pepper chicken authentic practice on the choice of Wai gnawing this brand, because it has a strong headquarters, according to consumer demand, create unique authentic practice, as long as you take a lifetime will become its patrons, so around eating pepper chicken in the market sales continue to rise. Around eating pepper chicken can regulate immune function, has a good tonic effect, after joining, nature is very profitable.

investment projects around eating pepper chicken, open their own stores around eating pepper chicken, is a very good choice. Quality entrepreneurial projects, a simple way to join the choice, you are still hesitant what? Hurry to join around eating pepper chicken? The best choice for successful entrepreneurship!

Small business Jie opened a clothing store to change his own hard life

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anyone venture onto the road to success, but to choose their own love interest in the industry is more likely to succeed, below small make a small Jie for the majority of entrepreneurs opened a clothing store story, hoping to inspire the entrepreneur. Now, Auntie career appears to be very smooth, like a small boss, but that childish and grievances of the year, Bosco said: "a small clothing store is not easy! Now I and I, is two people. The gift of the gab, really become a business man."

Bosco is 27 years old this year, in October 1999, she followed a few classmates, friends ran from Daishan County Qushan Island job dinghai. No working experience in her classmates with the help of a sister in a clothing store, when the people of North Dinghai played a salesperson. Due to the small Jie introverted, so she could only silently accompany the customer side, do not know how to take the initiative to attract customers. A month later, she ended her first job in her life as a euphemism for the boss. When leaving the door, she accidentally heard the boss with her friends said her sentence: this little mother did not sound, the guests came, move also do not move, wood people, business has been done without her." Stubborn personality, she walked out of the door of the moment, dark determination, one day, she will have a clothing store.

"could have been saying, did not consider, but later they really become the boss, only to find the boss really difficult to do." Bosco giggle.

Bosco said, although in recent years after the social training, doing things is no longer childish, but after all, is the first time I make the world different from working for others. Remember the first time into the goods, there are 40% of the backlog. Because there is no concept, a small clothing store like a department store, like everything, mess, therefore, the first month on the loss of 1500 yuan, which can be regarded as a large number of. The first second months, Bosco feel both in attitude, or about cheap clothes, more than a month has improved, but why still not popular? Auntie and her two friends always do not think the crux of the problem is. One day, because the store business is not good, small Jie and her boyfriend up, her boyfriend said some angry: "you want to shop, now open to what, out of order, what clothes are, not mortar store."

Emotional display can make the store more attractive

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each operator is aware of the need to store the display work to do in place, however, different operators, the understanding of the commodity display will naturally be different. And people have feelings, physical property. Speaking from the office, a store that is "one of the world". Speaking from a small, a commodity category, a single commodity goods, can also be said to be a "world"". It is through their own emotions and vision, in the creation of every customer to forget the world".

follow the physical properties to display

in fresh fruits and vegetables, should let the customer feel "Spring Garden", is the smell of fresh fruits and vegetables fragrance, make people in the green sea, was a heavy harvest.

to achieve this effect, this layout: fresh fruits and vegetables to the whole area with the main colors of green, light yellow and blue to strengthen the feeling, with a strong white light visual effect; in the premise of ensuring the fresh fruit, a large area using various shapes of baskets containing fruits and vegetables, people a return to natural intimacy, promotional pile to avoid Affirmative or rectangular type can be stereotyped, triangle, star and other shapes, you can even use the promotional display tube.

now consumers are increasingly seeking healthy, nutritious and delicious, the display can be made in stores each origin of goods, edible methods, storage methods, nutritional value, suitable for people to be introduced, with the video shop advertising, to tell customers how to choose fresh fruits, with the shop, relaxing music in the sound, color, taste and sense are available under the premise, the probability will naturally increase customer impulse buying.

display embodies the concept of human nature

efforts to release the human side of each commodity. For example, do display appliance area, TV, computer, electric fans, washing machine, air conditioner and so on must show their functions like a peacock, in order to obtain the favor of customers; make the book area of the display, should be designed, with doors and windows carved antique "sanweishuwu type. Secondly, the shelves of books to be innovative, can be a variety of different types, different colors, with Art Deco shelves. Make people feel fresh. Along with the "contemporary music sanweishuwu, will let customers feel the breath of the books at the same time, into the knowledge of the temple.

efforts to do a good job of details, highlighting personality. A huge store, signs of import and export, a few simple leisure stool, toilet signs and so on, all reflect the personality of the details; show tips in the district posted eye protection lamp; the toothbrush toothpaste sales posted a place to tell you the importance of brushing in the morning and evening, tell you how long a replacement the benefits of a toothbrush.