Xining Municipal Bureau of industry and commerce to strengthen the regulation of the Spring Festival

Xining Municipal Bureau of industry and commerce to strengthen the regulation of the Spring Festival

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Xining city industry and Commerce Bureau to strengthen the supervision of the Spring Festival market, to protect the holiday commodity supply.

From the beginning of

yuan at the beginning of the month, Xining Industrial and Commercial Bureau increase of unlicensed clean-up efforts, focused on solving the township government is located above the county and town shops, small stalls, small market, small food workshops and small restaurants such as license management problems, ensure that the masses of food safety. At the same time, Xining city Industrial and Commercial Bureau also attaches great importance to grain, vegetables, meat, and other holiday consumption and large amount of complaints and reports of food quality problems and people’s lives are closely related to them, shopping malls, supermarkets, wholesale markets and food enterprises as the focus, strengthen market inspections, ensure the inspection does not stay dead. As of January 27th, Xining city Industrial and Commercial Bureau were investigating 26 cases of illegal food, destroyed dens 6, seized on suspicion of forgery, fraudulent use of name and address certification mark and logo are registered trademarks of food cases more than and 300, value reached 670 thousand yuan; counterfeit Wuliangye, Tian Youde and other more than 50 thousand bottles of wine, the value reached 920 thousand yuan; and qualified Fuzhuan Tea more than 4 thousand and 200, worth more than 330 thousand yuan. (author: Liu Dong)


Qinghai National Traffic Safety Day theme publicity campaign started

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12 2, is the "national traffic safety day", by the provincial civilization office, the Provincial Public Security Bureau Traffic Police Corps jointly organized by the Qinghai provincial national traffic safety day launch ceremony held in Xining. Qilian County Public Security Bureau Traffic Police Brigade of Fort Mindanao squadron as an advanced collective, Xining City Public Security Bureau deputy chief of traffic police detachment Traffic Management Bureau Cao Yanjun 9 traffic police, the most beautiful, rental rental car company taxi driver Huang Yurong 10 best driver commended.

it is understood that this year’s National Traffic Safety Day theme is social collaborative governance, safe and civilized travel". With the practice of our province, will launch a 10 day theme activities, joint publicity by public security departments of education administration, transportation, safety supervision and other departments, with "traffic safety into the campus", "traffic safety base interactive experience", "public open day", focused on the choice of urban high, primary school, along the road and the rural area kindergarten free to carry out "traffic safety experience" and other activities, the use of rich and colorful propaganda, education and social activities, effectively drive the people to pay attention to and participate in road traffic safety work, actively promote the "traffic civilization", the practice of "traffic safety".

activities on the same day, by the Xining Municipal Public Security Bureau, Xining civilization office, Xining Municipal Public Security Traffic Management Bureau jointly organized the 2016 National Traffic Safety Day theme of the campaign officially launched in the central square. In Xining, the traffic police to show people self entertainment, set the traffic regulations consultation desk, put publicity boards, scrolling the propaganda and education of traffic safety in the 3 video, to carry out promotional activities. At the same time, the province’s public security organs at all levels also held a variety of forms, rich and colorful national traffic safety day theme publicity activities.


Video game contest

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June 29th, the fourteenth session of the lake international photography, video contest press conference held in our city. This photography, video contest by Qinghai Gansu Ningxia provinces jointly held, in the promotion of harmonious beauty of Qinghai Lake Race and fierce fighting spirit at the same time, the world excellent photographer together for photography.

Xining declared National Wetland Park

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In the land of the city wetland construction, creating a good ecological environment in harmony with the rare bird. Reporters from the garden department, Xining city will rely on wetland resources of Huangshui River and its tributaries, and create a positive declaration of national "Xining Huangshui River Wetland park". At present, the "Qinghai Xining Huangshui National Wetland Park Master Plan" has been approved by experts, will be reported to the State Forestry Administration approval.

Xining also has wetland resources

at present, the wetland types in Xining are marsh wetland, river wetland, constructed wetland and so on. Beichuan River, West River, Nanchuan River and natural river sand pond in the Huangshui River tributary rivers constitute network endemic to Xining, these rivers and according to the formation of many reservoirs, ponds and marshes are important wetland resources in our city. In 2005 the establishment of the Beichuan Datong District of Heyuan nature reserve is an important water source, with the vast majority of the city’s water use, protection originated in 16 rivers in the region, through the Huangshui River empties into the Yellow River, the Yellow River added water, wetland resources protection areas rich provides good habitat for wild animal.


city birds’twitter and fragrance of flowers

imagine, the birds in the city over the free flying, playing in the river, singing in the mountains, there is a very harmonious birds’twitter and fragrance of flowers and beautiful scenery. Our city construction of Huangshui River National Wetland Park in order to strengthen the protection of wetlands, let the birds to live in Xining. Xining Huangshui River National Wetland Park planning area in the Huangshui River Basin in Xining City, which is a tributary of the Huangshui River and the Beichuan River and the Nanchuan River, including the Huangshui River, Beichuan River, Nanchuan river flows through the city 69 km range, focusing on the implementation of river wetland, floodplain wetland ecological restoration project.

according to the National Bureau of Forestry Survey and Design Institute prepared "Qinghai Xining Huangshui National Wetland Park overall planning", the function orientation of Xining Huangshui National Wetland Park is a model of ecological protection, science learning classroom, folk culture corridor, tourist resort in the Holy land. Through the establishment of scientific research institutes, Wetland Museum, bird watching platform, for people to watch the wetland animals and plants, leading visitors into the wetland culture.

at present, Xining has built a beautiful Ning Lake Wetland in the East, in the Lake District Construction Xichuan Wetland Park, the regional ecological benefit has been initially apparent. According to the water into the city planning, the city also plans on the Beichuan River in the construction of a large wetland park, the common composition of the Huangshui River National Wetland park. (author: Xiao Yan)


Xining winter fire prevention work conference called for a serious fire accident

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At present, has entered the winter fire prone period, in the afternoon of December 13th, the Xining municipal government held a winter fire prevention conference. Vice mayor, Municipal Public Security Bureau Liu Tianhai attended the meeting and delivered a speech. Meeting the requirements of the city’s various regions, departments should concentrate time and power, and further take effective measures, make the winter fire prevention work, and resolutely curb serious especially Qunsiqunshang fire accident.

meeting pointed out that from January 1st to December 1st this year, the city a total of 541 fires, no deaths, injured 3 people, direct property loss of $4 million 272 thousand and 200. Last year, the number of fires decreased by 42.3%, the number of deaths fell by 400%, the number of injured fell by 81.3%, direct property losses fell by 91.8%. Fire forces by carrying out the "Eighteen fire safety battle to suppress fires campaign and party rectification, eliminate a large number of major fire hazards.

meeting requirements, various regions and departments to further analyze the current situation of the fire work, the development of a strong winter fire prevention program, timely deployment arrangements. Give prominence to the fire hazard investigation and remediation key departments and units of the organization investigation, power supply, water supply, oil and gas supply, transportation, communication, broadcasting and other key departments and units, supervision units to implement fire safety responsibility system, strengthen the safety management, and rectify the existing fire hazard and fire violations, to ensure fire safety; serious fire pays special attention to the hazard investigation and remediation in crowded places, shopping malls, hotels, intensive for schools, hospitals and stations and other personnel and venues, dance hall, bar, bath and other public places of entertainment, to carry out the "dragnet" fire safety inspection. In addition, we should focus on high-rise, underground buildings, flammable and explosive places, rural, community and other key parts of the fire hazard investigation and remediation, timely elimination of unsafe factors. (author: Wang Xiaofang)


The core values of people’s police educational practice

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Since the concept of

education activities carried out since the core values of people’s police, grassroots police station conscientiously implement the educational practice arrangements, closely around the "loyalty, for the people, justice and honesty" core values of police requirements, in order to implement the educational practice of innovative education and practice activities in the form of security, as the starting point, focus on the needs of the people. The core values into public service, to ensure that educational practice and in-depth and fruitful.

north of the city police station to strengthen the sense of service for the people of , active area for the masses of the door service. Considering the area students to focus in class, practical difficulties of access to the campus inconvenience, ershilipu police station waiting for change to active site service, the ID card information collection equipment moved to the campus of the Qinghai University, and give up the holiday break, and concentrate time and power for the students collecting photo ID card information collection on the spot, the spot acceptance for daily maintenance. For maintenance, the two generation ID card more than 100 people. College students have applauded this practice, which fully reflects the people’s police professional ethics.

City North Street police station actively solve problems for the masses to do practical things, the masses of things as their own thing. In June 5th, Xu to North Street police station said the 15 year old daughter on May 25th afternoon after leaving disappear without a trace. Alarm immediately after the North Street to make arrangements for the organization of the police visited the investigation, timely combing delete selected information, to determine the possibility of the child in the west coast of Tieshan, tin clues. To find the children, the police overnight drove 800 kilometers to Tieshan Haixizhou tin, regardless of distance tired, continuous visits to more than 100 households in rental housing, and finally found the child in the home for 16 days in late June 12th 22. In June 19, 2012, the area of the masses with " heart of masses to solve problems banner came to North Street police station, thanks to the leadership and the police to find the child.

North Bridge Street police station practice the people’s police for the people, the core values of the people, for the people to guard property regardless of day and night. In June 11th, the Bridge Street shop owner of a mobile phone Jin party at the time of work, pull down the gates forgot to lock in a hurry home. 23, automatic coiling gate, door open, on both sides of the neighbors are not found, party a contact, do not worry, this is the bridge street, Peng Jianguo police patrol patrol team to find it, Peng Jianguo will let other players continue to patrol, he and another member of the team in front of the store on duty for this, a guard is a night. When the party came to work the next morning, only to know their carelessness almost caused a catastrophe, after inventory, shop;

Xining purify the market to crack down on illegal manufacturing and selling counterfeit veterinary d

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Xining veterinary health supervision department through special rectification for a period of time, crack down on illegal manufacture and sale of counterfeit veterinary drugs, veterinary drug market purification.

June 1st, a reporter from the Xining veterinary health authority learned, in accordance with the "overall in 2007 the province’s veterinary drug market rectification plan" requirements, Xining veterinary health supervision departments to set up a special group of veterinary drug market, by the one responsible charge of agriculture and animal husbandry, to ensure efficient work, market regulation in place. Through the dragnet inspection, inspection of veterinary drug wholesale and retail enterprises and animal treatment units 32, 5, 800 kinds of veterinary drug inspection, found veterinary non GMP certified production of 52 kinds of veterinary drugs, expired 76 kinds, 3 kinds of illegal veterinary drugs, veterinary drugs confiscated a total value of more than 7000 yuan. Xining city animal quarantine station chief Zhang Chengtu said, will fight against illegal manufacturing and selling counterfeit drugs from the source. (author: Shen Weizu)


Xining city to carry out special inspections of food safety in the school cafeteria in autumn

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in order to create a healthy, peaceful and harmonious learning and living environment, to the Xining city school teachers and students in August 30th, the Department will jointly carry out the autumn of 2012 in Xining city schools (including nurseries) canteen food safety special inspection work.

for the summer of two food safety incidents occurred in Xining City, many parents fear. In order to prevent such incidents from happening again, this fall before the opening of the city of Xining to the relevant departments issued an order requiring thorough investigation of all students in the field of food related.

this special food safety inspection focused on the informative to every detail of the school canteen is catering service license, whether the implementation of the management system, is equipped with food safety management personnel, whether the strict implementation of personnel health management requirements, whether strict implementation processing of raw materials procurement and production requirements, whether the standard use of food additives and whether the strict implementation of tableware disinfection regulations, the existence of illegal processing behavior, and beans dish is essential to the existence of illegal purchase and use of nitrite behavior, the regulatory requirements for rectification is put in place, whether the establishment of food safety emergency plan and operation manual. Where did not carry out cafeteria food safety self-examination, will be criticized. Where the management system is not implemented, the deadline for rectification. Where there is no access to food service license or has no license conditions, are not allowed to eat. Where there is illegal behavior, will be strictly and severely punished.

Special inspection of

is divided into two stages of self-examination and inspection, before September 7th, the county health and food and drug supervision and Management Bureau and the Bureau of education administrative departments in autumn 2012 schools and nurseries canteen food safety special joint inspection unit, the administrative jurisdiction of the schools and nurseries canteen food safety work to carry out a comprehensive investigation, Kennedy will eliminate the food safety hidden danger. September 11th to 14, began to check to ensure the formation of long-term mechanism for food safety supervision.



Qinghai Province, director of the 2016 public examination of clerks following positions of civil ser

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5 9, Qinghai Province, director of the 2016 civil service written examination open clerks following positions marking the successful conclusion. Written examination results announced, the next step into the qualification review, the Tibetan speaking test and physical assessment stage. Interview preparations will be organized to be held in late June.

It is reported that

, director of Qinghai Province in 2016 open the examination of clerks following positions civil service written marking work from the beginning of April 24th, the "proposal" of all the network marking, "the administration occupation ability test" the computer machine readable marking. Human resources and Social Security Bureau and the Provincial Bureau of civil servants from the Qinghai University, Qinghai National University, Qinghai Radio and TV University, provincial Party committee and Xining municipal Party School deployed 64 teachers, reviewing "proposal" subject papers. At the same time, invited 14 understand Tibetan (Mongolian) language experts, the "proposal" subject Tibet (Mongolian) language papers were reviewed.


Xining ranks 2 to enhance the level of civilization

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Since the founding of the founding of the city since 2010, the city to carry out the work of urban civilization, the overall showing a comprehensive promotion, the results highlight the good situation. In 2013 the national civilized city evaluation index, listed the 13 provincial capital city, deputy provincial nomination for City eighth, compared with last year to enhance the 2; in the ideological and moral construction of minors work evaluation, ranked 30 in the capital city of sub provincial city of eighteenth, compared with last year to enhance the 9. At the same time, once again won the title of provincial civilized city. Overall, outstanding performance in four aspects: one is to reinforce the effectiveness of city infrastructure construction, the two is to strengthen the ideological and moral construction of citizens, three is to improve the image of city civilization, four is highlighted to create work.