Game live platform, CJ show different ways of hiding what kind of mind

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  • Game live platform, CJ show different ways of hiding what kind of mind

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    Abstract: in 2016, panda TV, dragon live for the first time in the ChinaJoy, compared to last year, tiger fish pavilion area, broadcast platform why money in ChinaJoy? ChinaJoy in the play shows how the machine

    broadcast platform?


    said the name Chinese International Digital Entertainment Expo, I am afraid not many people will think of the name to hide under the crazy hormones, and if it is referred to as ChinaJoy speaking, almost the majority of people are aware of its lethality.

    ChinaJoy has always been the game makers occupied, but in 2016 there have been some new changes this year, Showgirl (Showboy) number more than 785 people, compared to last year, a decline of around 15%, in addition to the lack of sexy Showgirl, CJ this year there are two special changes:

    The rise of

    1 and VR. VR and AR have taken over several venues, whether they are ants, or storm mirrors or other brands;

    2, the rise of live platform. Previous CJ, the main exhibition hall has been NetEase, Shanda, the perfect world, Tencent and other traditional game makers and Intel, XBOX and other hardware vendors to occupy.

    in 2016, panda TV, dragon live for the first time in the ChinaJoy, compared to last year, tiger fish pavilion area, four major broadcast platform booth are more than 700 square meters, a large number of showgirl and numerous million worth of anchor is not to be missed, watch.


    NetEase’s CC, 360’s live broadcast, TV and B stations broadcast booth tentacle is not small, the broadcast platform why money in ChinaJoy? ChinaJoy in the play shows how the machine

    broadcast platform?The Datong path of

    live broadcast platform

    live as are the second industry group purchase industry, high product homogeneity to remove the logo after almost no accurate prediction of live platform in the end is which, point like, interface, content, props, pay let live platform almost "one thousand", ChinaJoy is also in a certain degree of the continuation of this state, the broadcast platform has some tacit understanding.

    luxury booth. The exhibition of the broadcast platform, Betta, dragon, tiger Panda (YY), TV tentacles are provided with more than 700 square meters of booth, or double dragon platform, and is the largest area of exhibitors in the booth, so the area of the booth area and NetEase, has a perfect world, Shanda game manufacturers close.

    in the decoration design also reflects attention, compared to the game company tyrant self willed design, live platform is much more delicate, fresh and lively color matching, all >

    Media electricity supplier of the road, traffic has been, the road is not flat

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    in the traditional media transformation tide, the so-called "electricity supplier" is a very multimedia attention and attention to the direction. Logically this is established, the media also have the advantage of traffic, but the media business basically overall is still testing the waters, Pathfinder stage, supply chain and membership management system are the problems need to be careful to try.


    in the traditional media transformation tide, the so-called "electricity supplier" is a very multimedia attention and attention to the direction. Because the establishment logically is: when an article / in a photo to introduce some interesting things, there are readers may have this idea: where to have sell? If there can be a good way to let the reader become consumers, the media can profit from.

    international fashion media giants have been involved in the path, such as the Kangtai based New York based group. It has done 7 times before and after the start of class business enterprise investment, has its own online store many fashion publications such as women’s fashion magazine Glamour Glamstore operation of the shop, the men’s magazine GQ Nordstrom launched in cooperation with the luxury department store shopping site

    Hearst Publishing Group’s "Harper s Bazaar (Chinese version of its magazine" bazaar "in our country is famous) in cooperation with the electricity supplier of luxury Yoox, together to create a web site, mainly the sale of luxury goods stores, including some independent designer goods.

    in China, the fashion media also has a wave of electricity supplier. "Bazaar" with intime group cooperation, made a bazaar style of online shopping. ELLE "Elle" on the official website of ELLESHOP, "Ruili" magazine’s, "Mina Mina" magazine’s official store long nets and other is the embodiment of the media business.

    in addition to fashion publications, other types of media are testing the water. For example, when severe haze, had told me a newspaper media, they have a full page newspaper made haze articles, arranged under a selling air purifier ad, just one night, the seller sold thousands of single. Air cleaners are expensive, and the total flow is considerable.

    summary down, the media electricity supplier, there are several operating practices. The first one must have something to do with the Alibaba.

    release marketing potential

    Ali idea is to let the media as an electricity supplier industry marketing outlet, in fact is to use Ali rich goods and media both flow (either traditional or online digital publishing end) a conspiracy. What reflects this idea is this year’s code

    How to become a qualified web editor

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    said the network editor, you may think the skill required to do, especially for those who just out of college students, do not worry about this industry, it is necessary to understand the HTML, but also have a word based, have PS, FW and other software, it seems very profound. In fact, when you actually operate and study down, you will find that everything is very simple, not so complicated as imagined, and now I sum up the necessary skills for excellent website editing.

    one, text foundation,

    is an excellent website editor must have certain writing skills, because often with news and information dealing, so the text still has certain requirements, improve the method is to read more, see more information portal, see what others are using words, how to write news.

    two, pseudo original

    For the

    website editor is a very important skill, maybe you are a science background, maybe your writing is not so good, you may write original articles not so fast, so this time, pseudo original will help you. The website generally have news channels, such as shopping network ( is an editor at least 10 articles every day to update information, if all write their own words, the workload is too large, you can take the rest of the original 1-2 articles, pseudo original form.

    pseudo original is originally the title of the article, beginning, end and intermediate paragraph modified to make the search engine that this is an original news, specifically how to do, you can see Baidu encyclopedia, or a very detailed introduction.

    three, mapping

    When the

    editor updates on the site will inevitably encounter picture news, so the editor will use PS or FW mapping software, at least will change the size of the picture, the picture quality, and to fight watermark watermark, these simple operation can be downloaded from the Internet to learn general tutorial, a week will learn.

    four, familiar with HTML code

    it is essential for good web editors to understand HTML code. Is not required to hand written code, but at least can read and simple modifications, this can take a look at the HTML code and then slowly cramming, familiar with at work. In fact, it’s not very complicated. HTML code is a simple code.

    generally have more skills, you can become a qualified editor of the website, but it is not enough to be an excellent website editor, and editor, also need more advanced skills:

    one, aggregation and speculation capabilities


    belongs to the advanced write text, first of all to rapid polymerization of a variety of useful information on various websites in the industry to find hot spots, and can combine the popular (such as some time ago, the captain of the event).

    How do I choose IDC to talk about my feelings

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    is the first place that I do not vest, nor do I think only propaganda new friends warned to take some detours for which IDC,

    wasted less money!What’s the most painful thing about

    Adsense? Rank? Snapshot? PR? No traffic? These are important, but not the most painful things. The most painful thing is that the server on your website is out of order and cannot be accessed. This is not an ordinary problem. This means that everything you’ve done before is a waste of time. Server stability is critical to the site. The webmaster wants to be sure. I’ve been having this headache lately. The space sense of visit, ask the customer service said in technology in the processing, said good afternoon, but in the afternoon is still not good, know the morning of the second day is also not good, then I answer the phone, they will not receive QQ information they do not return, is really rubbish to the extreme, also do not want to mention out of which one! Then I couldn’t only find space, all around, and in site everywhere for help did not find a satisfactory. Finally in this forum to see a long business space IDC posts, to see a lot of comments is also good, so I do hold try attitude, I thought nobody service 11 night ah, because I went to several space IDC nobody. But I go to them even after I explained my customer service, the customer service, to help me analyze the type of good price, not to sell their stuff to sell me, so I have to ask all kinds of questions until 1:30 in the evening before I bought the space in there. For their customer service 7*24 gold customer service praise one! Why? There are a few points, 1. in the evening time for your service, 2 have more patience, the attitude is very good for the sake of customers 3.! This is my feeling! Today I finally put them in the website well you can visit my website to see how


    but they there are some bad I still want to say, for example, the operation is too complex, if the first time you absolutely do not know how to get, I have to complete customer service with remote assistance, so their background is not good, such as a problem not at any time can be resolved, some to work during the day to solve, and I want to make a name jump, not

    , like this: RewriteCond, Host:, ^$

    RewriteRule (. *): //$1 [I, RP]

    httpWe all know that

    domain jump is necessary what! They cannot answer is to hop they talk and others to make decisions after! Hope they can solve this problem! If those problems above are solved I think they still not wrong IDC


    Grow in imitation, advance in study

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    for a long time, everyone on the mixed imitate: opponents as seen in A5 a few days ago a brother said: "you can copy my pattern, but you can’t copy my suffering", such as the current supporters wantonly rampant copycat, is an imitation of


    in my opinion, as long as no infringement, imitation is to head for no ground for blame! Along with excellent website for example, learning objectives, and constantly improve their skills in the process, strengthen their skills, and finally to create their own unique website, there is no harm, and Why not?


    Baidu has imitated it. Baidu theme promotion to imitate Google Adsense, has become the largest advertising alliance; Senior Citizen Search Baidu mimic Google’s search disabled, provides a better start for the Internet China elderly; Baidu has ah and imitate BaiduPay Alibaba Taobao and Alipay group; in addition to the Google map services after, Baidu also launched the "Baidu maps", launched the "Google desktop search", Baidu "Baidu hard search" Google "Toolbar" Baidu "toolbar, Google Souba" launched the "new news subscription", Baidu also "mail news subscription, Google launched the" Google Answers "also, Baidu" Baidu know"…… Indeed, Baidu’s technology is very cattle, of course, Baidu in its own products made some Baidu style modifications, but more or less a little imitation taste, but this hindered the development of Baidu?


    thousand oak imitated, first there is the school imitate Facebook, and then there is "" imitate """. The truth that I hadn’t played Facebook had been Kaixin001, I go to school and the number of Kaixin was very much, so to imitate how, I do not quite understand, but for and in the domain of the war, we can see the impact of on in imitation cut. And now, thousands of oaks happy network is still alive, and in the mop, campus, matador strong support, he lived very well. As far as I know, many people around me, like me, have chosen these two websites to go to thousand oaks. Isn’t that a success of Thousand Oaks imitation


    another mobile phone Tencent imitate circles. First summarize the Tencent products: Tencent ICQ, Tencent TM MSN, QQ games hall – Lianzhong, QQ battle platform, gallant battle platform, QQ team voice – UCTalk, QQ – QQ PaoPaoTang hall, sonic – O2JAM, QQ three – Adventure Island, QQ speed – kart. Cross Fire – CS Tencent, pat Taobao, caifutong – >

    Search engine unified Robots file standard

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    search engine three big fun, but occasionally co-operation. Last year, Google, YAHOO, and Microsoft worked together to comply with the unified Sitemaps standards. Three days ago, the big two also announced the common compliance with the robots.txt document standards. Google, YAHOO, and Microsoft each sent a post on their official blog, publishing standards for robots.txt files and Meta tags supported by three, as well as some of their own unique standards. Here is a summary.

    The robots files supported by

    three include:

    Disallow – tell spiders not to grab certain files or directories. For example, the following code will prevent spiders from crawling all web files:

    User-agent: *

    Disallow: /

    Allow – tell spiders to grab certain files. Allow and Disallow with the use of, you can tell a spider directory, most of them do not crawl, only grab part. If the following code will make spiders do not grab other files under the AB directory, and only grab the document under which CD:

    User-agent: *

    Disallow: /ab/

    Allow: /ab/cd

    $wildcard – matches the characters at the end of the URL. For example, the following code will allow spiders to access URL:

    with the suffix ".Htm"

    User-agent: *


    * wildcards – tell spiders to match any character. For example, the following section of code will prevent spiders from grabbing all HTM files:

    User-agent: *

    Disallow: /*.htm

    Sitemaps location – tell spider where your website map is, format:


    The Meta tags supported by

    three include:

    NOINDEX – tell spiders not to index a web page.

    NOFOLLOW – tell the spider not to follow the link on the page.

    NOSNIPPET – tell the spider not to show the caption in the search results.

    NOARCHIVE – tell spiders not to display snapshots.

    NOODP – tell the spider not to use the title and caption in the open directory.

    above this >

    Use Jiathis’s range of products to bring traffic to the site

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    on the Jiathis (Network) you may not be familiar with, is the leading provider of social sharing buttons, most people might not know with the network in addition to providing social sharing buttons also provide what products, the following in graphic form introduces a series of main products and provided by the network, and introduces how to use these products bring traffic to the site.

    first, let’s look at where the main products are added to the network, the social sharing button, the social review box, and the social intelligence recommendation tool.

    network official on their share button description is like this – through visitors continue to share behavior, enhance the quality of the web site, increase social flow, bring more users!


    is mainly due to the current social sharing button provider are Bshare, share, Baidu share and so on, if you want to know more about the different social sharing buttons, please another batch of article "reading the author writing before the analysis of Baidu share code what impact on the search ranking: This article mainly contrasts the different social sharing buttons to illustrate the Baidu share code to search ranking effect.

    well, social sharing buttons is through the sharing behavior between people, the valuable information from the website to share social network (SNS), so that more valuable information to the website, bring more users and traffic etc..

    After understanding the benefits of the social sharing button,

    will use it reasonably to bring traffic to the site. As for their own web page for what style to insert, what color social sharing button, it is necessary according to the specific circumstances.


    if the net social sharing buttons in order to meet the needs of the era of information explosion, sharing behavior, between people by making good information more valuable, then add net social comment box – Friends of words between the users and users interact more deep.


    on a web page, users or users, or users, and article authors can interact with each other through comments, and each comment is synchronized to the major social networks in real time. So that the information cycle, high rate of exposure, indirectly to the site to bring traffic, bringing users. This is the general description of the company’s products on its website.

    pinpoint users: no longer cold user names and mailboxes, and you can see their rich social network information after they are authorized.

    more traffic and visitors: through social media optimization (SMO), to bring you the message of friends, increase network traffic, word of mouth marketing more efficient.

    quality reviews: the real name messaging system will greatly improve the quality of the reviews.


    Two, more COO leather line early how do short videos do 1 billion traffic a month

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    this paper analyzes the Internet short video outbreak era, why two do not do their own app, and focus on content platform, how to get bonus in the era of self media?.


    short video – content entrepreneurship new tuyere

    a short video, why choose to do two more breakthrough short video, and can be launched in 2014 November, and now two years accumulated so much traffic and users, and quickly get financing. The short video is now the content of the innovation of business, a lot of people in this direction, the first is current, low threshold, fragmentation, easy to spread.

    although two is now the largest original short video base, but so far have not App. We are preparing to produce more than five thousand original short videos in 2017, and the new media itself is the best soil for the incubation of short video content. And short video pays great attention to the social and interactive nature of these media, it has a very natural advantage, because it is good at expressing and spreading, very short, you can use fragmented time to watch. Then there are low-cost operating platforms and fans to get.

    "public number" era of new media short video operation

    1. "go public" era is coming,

    now, more and more people in the industry will feel that the public’s bonus period is gradually disappearing, the era of public numbers is coming. Many emerging media from the out, such as today’s headlines, NetEase, video and other seconds shoot, and so on.


    from the media operations appeared a new trend, due to the large amount of content to entrepreneurs into this industry, quality content is becoming more and more scarce, a lot of the same vertical elements of the influx of more and more popular, traffic began to disperse, not only limited to the public number, you will find that micro-blog began to pick up again. Also in the area of distributed field of short video and news headlines on the fire to go, in addition to many.

    but you need to know what kind of content is suitable for what kind of operation means and methods, because of traffic dispersion, so to start the integration of data, reading number and open rate can not stare at the public, the public number of forwarding and comment on the analysis of data integration and so on, we began to do more dimensions. At the same time for two more such contents of entrepreneurs or entrepreneurs in terms of video content, it is not limited to position itself as a media or new media, we prefer to think of myself as a platform to operate the way.

    2., two, all the more channel operation strategy

    , this is my first time to speak publicly about this. We upgraded the original strategy to "W+T+N+S"



    Renren has been defeated by its own, veteran social networking site delisting

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    local time in the morning of June 10th, everyone received the chairman of the company and CEO Chen Yizhou and COO Liu Jian privatization offer. Under the proposal, the two will purchase $4.20 per share for all outstanding shares of the company they have not yet held. Since then, Renren will become a Private Companies, and officially to the delisting road forward.

    once the head of "Facebook Chinese" aura listed on the Nasdaq market but the high-profile, from the highest 7 billion dollars fell to $1 billion; once high-profile "not privatisation" Chen Yizhou is now on a privatization agreement formally announced the "self eating foreword", the decline of doubt.

    professionals optimistic analysis, choose this privatization delisting is aimed at the domestic A shares the momentum of vigorous development, or to return to A shares, but most industry insiders are not optimistic about the development of self media research professionals Wang Xinxi believes that the industry has been opening, nanzu decline trend.

    unclear positioning and originality difference is fatal injury

    really left Renren behind, began in the mobile Internet era open. Chen Yizhou has repeatedly said that Renren’s decline is attributed to external competition factors, he had thought that such a WeChat instant messaging as the core gene products, only Tencent can do it.


    thin comb can be found, did not miss the mobile Internet era any hot spot — the establishment of glutinous rice nets when group purchase hot; Webpage Game and Mobile Games hot with all games; and the anonymous social workplace social networking has become a hot, graticule, rushing will set up; when micro-blog hot, everybody started the news content attributes; when the rise of WeChat, everyone began to imitate the launch of all private messages……

    Wang Xinxi believes that it is these scattered product layout, eventually leading to everyone’s own social platform positioning confusion, users can not find a clear positioning from Renren, leaving inevitable. He said: "when a large user group has to rival platform loss, did not focus on the core business to implement differentiation strategy to save the main business, but the strategic layout is too decentralized desalination main products plough, which in turn has led to a substantial decline of its brand image."

    , while the decline of Renren’s brand image is deadly, the social platform without users to produce content will inevitably fall into endless losses and recessions. Many deep users are constantly complaining that everyone lacks originality. "Now open everyone to see new things, the basic color of the same copy from elsewhere, from micro-blog watercress know, etc., originality is very poor, there is no output." One user said. In addition, such as mobile phone user experience is poor, inclusive, small stranger harassment, advertising experience not beautiful reflects has neglected to a certain extent >

    One of the highly effective design principles that Web designers should follow contrast

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    for the hotel industry and the federal government for the development of Web Ryan Boudreaux for the four design principles wrote a series of articles in this paper are as follows, first article "Effective design principles for web designers: Contrast" translation, content:

    if you accept the formal curriculum design, you may already know, the principle of design, it includes four famous standard concept: contrast (Contrast), repeat (Repetition), alignment (Alignment) and intimate (Proximity). Many people call it PARC or CRAP for short. The four principle of design is the printing industry standard knowledge of design; in fact, there are a few books have been asked for the account (including the design course for non designers) textbooks, such as the Robin Williams third edition of the book "to design you see" (The Non-Designer s Design Book).

    this article will focus on the design principle of "contrast", which is related to the color in Web design and how to test the degree of color matching.


    from a new point of view, when two or more related elements are displayed in different ways, there will be contrast. The more obvious the difference is, the more obvious the contrast will be. Putting similar elements on the Web page and transforming them into unique entities, parts, or containers is the key to efficient comparisons. The most common way to create contrasting elements is to create different attributes of elements, such as color – which seem to have been the most widely used. Other attributes include size, shape, texture, orientation, position, and motion. But two elements with greater contrast do not necessarily bring an attractive visual experience.

    in web pages, the color values of text and layout elements can well reflect contrast". The foreground color that needs to be tested is the text itself, and the background color is any element under the text, whether it’s a picture, a gradient, or a RGB color.

    uses color to make contrast,

    in Web design, good color contrast is very important, not only for aesthetic value, but also for the accessibility of Web. Some people have visual impairments, or color blindness, and make sure that the color contrast of the site can be adjusted accordingly to increase responsiveness and accessibility. So the color contrast of the test site is a good choice. Here are a few tools that provide the brightness contrast of the page. The contrast is ideal at 4.5:1 or higher, in line with W3C’s WCAG 2 standard.

    color contrast detection tool

    these tools can help you design >