Wallace join fee

Wallace join fee

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fast food joined Wallace, why? Compared with other fast food brands, there are three reasons for choosing Wallace: low consumption, low cost and low cost of cooperation. So Wallace join the cost is how much?

Wallace join fee

Wallace is well-known domestic fast-food franchise brand Western fast-food franchise brand, is the largest local Chinese a set of product development, production, sales as one of the western fast food company, is currently in the country 23 provinces opened more than 1300 restaurant chains, has a staff of 25000 people, the company staff uniform training time for 24 days / year.

low cost of raw materials, logistics, low cost, low operation cost, has strong competitiveness in the local market, Wallace advocate green, environmental protection, health service concept, the company’s products, both delicious and quality, fashion and creative leader, favored by the vast number of consumers. The company headquarters has a strong management system and rich experience in market operation, management model, the company through the process of operating platform, product development, production, sales, supply as a whole, the introduction of Western technology combined with Chinese catering management mode, which is more consistent with the needs of the market Chinese.

joined Wallace, the total amount of store investment is generally 30-50 million (including kitchen equipment, tables and chairs equipment, store decoration, transfer fees and rents, the first batch of raw materials, etc.). For example, to open a shop to 300 thousand yuan, you accounted for a total investment of 20% of the shares is about $60 thousand, accounting for about 30% of the shares of investment, and so on, and so on. Operating margin of 40%-50%, net profit was 15%-25%, the average daily turnover of $3000-6000. Employee turnover = net profit – salary (about 10) – the cost of raw materials – rent utilities etc.. Each store is generally the monthly net profit of 2-4 million yuan, the normal monthly dividend, dividend distribution according to the proportion of shares. Wallace joined the fee is at least 340 thousand yuan, mainly including the joining fee: $0; brand use fee: 10 thousand yuan; equipment and material costs: $60 thousand; working capital: 10 thousand yuan; employee wages of $120 thousand / year, etc..

on the cost of joining only so much, and I hope all of you help!

How to order a shop

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garment industry is now a popular industry, at the same time throughout the year, regardless of seasons, clothing store business will be very good, the demand will be very much, so business clothing store how to purchase and order?

* in the clothing sale, there are a lot of work to do, but the * key is several times a year of product orders, the goods have good sales and the future will have a * * * * guarantee, including headache inventory will be controlled in reasonable proportion range. The goods order is not good, the performance of the terminal (display) may have lost to similar competitors, sales performance, sales is certainly conceivable!

water source must be treated. The crux of the past quarter of unsalable and vicious inventory lies in the lack of scientific ordering and stocking. The key to solve the above problems is scientific ordering and scientific stocking. How to scientifically order, it is necessary to objective facts   on the basis of scientific analysis to make conclusions.

For example,

selected goods according to different locations in the local cultural environment, fashion, consumer habits, wearing sexy features, with a view to clever buyers, each subordinate stores scientific distribution. The buyer must be able to accurately grasp the local trends, in preferences, consumer psychology, if you eat not, also can be in the manager, Purchasing Guide to explore and cultivate a buyer for buyers; the order is too important, with professional buyers, eat what problems can really be solved scientifically.

What do you need to know about your job

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is now operating in the optical shop is also quite good choice to get rich, but also need to learn a lot of relevant key knowledge in the shop. Be observant and alert, so that we can do better. So, operators need to have what knowledge?

in technical optometry. Accordingly, no rich knowledge of business and management, equally difficult to grasp the business opportunities and conduct business.

glasses knowledge: including wholesale and retail supply channels; the glasses store type, quality and relevant measure of knowledge; knowledge storage transport; lens recognition knowledge.

legitimate business knowledge: including the relevant laws and regulations and private partnerships, limited to; financing; how to apply for business registration; the relevant formalities of tax registration;; tax; how to receive and purchase invoices and so on a series of knowledge.


How to choose the men’s store

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site for a brand point is very important, if you want to open a men’s clothing store, then how the site is better? Xiao Bian on this issue for us to carry out a detailed introduction, which is worthy of attention and join.

(1) business activities of the high frequency area in general, as the commercial center, or commercial activity area, set up shop in the shopping district, can bring substantial results for your men’s clothing store, like this address is "gold", but this area will also be crowded area. The location here, the flow of goods will be faster, and update speed to catch up.

(2) high flow area. In the residential area and high traffic area shop population is relatively concentrated, and of all ages and social classes of customers are, due to the large flow of people, so sales will not have change radically the primaries, open men’s store what location? Can ensure the stable operation of men’s clothing store and income.

(3) convenient transportation area. How to open the men’s store location? Ask colleagues in selected locations are a convenient factors, is also one of the traffic flow, so convenient for customers to travel, in general, is there a bus station near, or consumers need only can walk less than 20 minutes to reach your shop, this is the best.

(4) a place where people gather or gather. In the theater, cinemas and other entertainment venues, and sometimes attract those who enjoy leisure and recreation to the store, there will be many people will buy. How to open the men’s store location? The dress of the prevalence of fast, more styles, only to buy a common fashion dress, people will be able to buy it in other places and buy it.

(5) other brands of men’s shops gathered in the streets. For clothing such as the purchase of products, if you can focus on a lot or block sales, it can attract customers. How to open the men’s store location? If in the same business area, operation of similar goods shops, there are a lot of choices of consumption here and the goods in this shop, clothing agglomeration neighborhoods, is undoubtedly a lot of business opportunities.

The above is about some of the

men’s stores how location, I hope you have a lot of attention to, only to choose a good address, so join the investment to get good returns, want to get a good profit? Then choose the address, open a man’s own franchise stores!

Turning waste into treasure small business opportunities

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bamboo we all know, bamboo shoots shell is something, I believe that many people do not know. In fact, at the time of bamboo was born, wrapped in bamboo shoots will have a shell outside, play a role in the protection of bamboo. As the bamboo grows, it will continue to fall off naturally, and now even holding it for rural feel trouble, also let it decay with time to dust fertilizer. In fact,

1, />

2, bamboo shell insoles: with bamboo shell shell shell almost the same nature, but more suitable for small business, the need for less capital investment.

3, bamboo shell snack box: bamboo shell after special enzyme decomposition, non-toxic and tasteless, bamboo shell snack box production, can solve the white pollution caused by foam tableware, and can effectively solve the pollution caused by the bamboo shell, the bamboo industry development and obtain more profits, the bamboo farmers income, enterprise income, complementary advantages, win-win development. Using bamboo shell insulation board production, made the better sound insulation effect than the foam insulation board, and non-toxic, does not emit toxic gases, high quality insulation material, can be exported to Japan and other countries, to increase the income of foreign exchange.

4, bamboo shoot shell stickers: bamboo shoot shell made of Arts and crafts heap painting, it is to imitate the appearance of the scene, color, pattern, with bamboo shoots shell by artificial shear >

College students entrepreneurship and Entrepreneurship

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every year the number of college graduates are huge, it can be seen how much the pressure of employment, coupled with the lack of satisfactory work, more graduates prefer to start a business. But they can’t start a business.

this year China 7 million 650 thousand college graduates, employment pressure is huge, the public venture, the highly innovative tide in strong response in College students.

undeniable, young people with great wisdom and strength, have a natural passion for innovation and entrepreneurship. A few times, like today, let the young people fully deserve to become "to hit the leading actor on the stage. This also makes the business is no longer a minority of "professional", and become the majority of the opportunity. For young people to build a broad stage, so that more doors open to young people, will undoubtedly inject more impetus and vitality to economic and social development.

entrepreneurship is not a task but dream, entrepreneurs need to prepare carefully, need a lifetime to struggle, even more tired than entrepreneurial employment, with greater responsibility.



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Children’s wear shop to use skills to make money

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children’s clothing stores need to master a certain business skills to be able to better serve customers, thereby enhancing the store profit margins. Should master the Naxi management skills? Many businesses are interested in this issue, in fact, you can choose to have a lot of business strategy, a small number of simple sharing.

in the children’s clothing store sales strategy, the need to grasp the customer’s consumption psychology. Some customers will pay more attention to the performance of children’s wear products in terms of price. Children’s clothing stores can be used for different types of customers, respectively, the corresponding conversion method. How to open a children’s clothing store? Generally, the customer refused to buy the denial attitude is not very strong, so the new characteristics of business personnel should focus on the customer to provide clothing, change the customer to children’s psychological impression.

Children’s clothing stores

skills is the key. To seize the hearts of customers, your children’s clothing stores business is very influential.

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Businessmen should be calm and not angry

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is now a lot of business people very irritable temper, no matter what kind of things are cool enough, once the temper after up is doing business, also be careless with, how to make the business more prosperous, can have more customers? Last week, a wine delivery truck crashed the process of her mother’s home.

after the incident, the driver did not mean to apologize, but blame the mother should not be on the road side of the goods. A well meaning passers-by, the driver before promised compensation 30 yuan money to buy damaged goods, but the money was not handed to Cheng Popo’s hand, but dropped it on the ground. The driver is more won’t listen to reason and did not take away the bad goods, but temper goods will be kicked over.

later, I heard Cheng mother said, this winery has money in her hand, but why are they so arrogant? The driver didn’t expect him to ride home store is doing, even if it is also to distinguish between objects and bandits as particular occasions, is to contact the business drivers at this time is actually a business person, even if he does not understand things crashed to compensation should also know that an apology is necessary, but blindly the blame should not put the goods on the roadside what logic is this. Failing to escape, but the courage to take the wrong, after consultation to solve the problem, this is the businessman should have reason.

also to remind the foreign counterparts in the delivery and receipt of consignment, be careful driving. In the communication with the customer, we must pay attention to their words, but once the signs wrong, nothing to strangle in the cradle. In addition, even at the end of the year for market opportunities, will never be as jeeves.

does not say that the business is not good to do now, very fierce competition between each other. Even if the business is good to do, the customer is not asking us to tell grandpa grandma, such a service attitude, but also how to get customer recognition? In short, business people still have to comply with their own "and" strictly abide by their own "backyard" no fire in harmony, and to make money.

Beijing Municipal Committee of the new proposals focus on supporting youth entrepreneurship

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for many young entrepreneurs, Beijing is a place where dreams can come true. To the North Canton such a super first tier cities entrepreneurial employment, will be able to encounter more opportunities. Recently, the Beijing Municipal Committee made recommendations, should increase efforts to support young entrepreneurs.

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Li Zhongwu how to achieve from the date of 20 yuan to the annual salary of one million The whole net

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day to 20 yuan, this work is still a lot of existence, we are afraid of this kind of people can give only sympathy. However, if enough efforts, even if the day into 20 yuan, you can counter attack into a millionaire, the key is to pay their own efforts. In this paper, the protagonist Li Zhongwu is such a person, below, let us come to know his counter attack life.

haircut is an ancient and common occupation. Changsha engaged in the hairdressing industry, 70% of junior high school graduates in rural youth." Chopin beauty industry chain group in Hunan President Li Zhongwu, after a 85 Hunan rural child, ten years of ingenuity salon, become executives of listed companies to Changsha, star concerts etc. picked hair stylist, the 20 yuan from the day to the annual salary of millions of entrepreneurs counterattack.

into the hair salon industry turning point: three fingers of the left hand fracture

met Li Zhongwu, simple guy thin, simple black T-shirt, shorts, shoes, talkative, even a little shy.

"because of career, hairdressing industry is not fat." Li Zhongwu said that as a service industry, hairdressing practitioners are 12 hours working hours, meals can not be on time, stomach disease is a major occupational disease.

Li Zhongwu was born in Hunan County, Hanshou, rural families, in order to protect his sister to go to school, he dropped out of school in the third place to open a three wheeled motorcycle, twenty or thirty yuan a day income of $.

2000 years, Li Zhongwu to the county of Guangdong, Huizhou, a year of mechanical mold to work in Kaiping plastic factory, during the accident, his left hand three fingers fracture, which, small finger was cut off. "Years later, little fingers could not move freely." He recalled that, after six months of training in the hospital, back to the factory for 1 months, because of the shadow of the injured heart, and finally resigned back home in Hunan.

2006, Li Zhongwu followed a master in Changde County, Hanshou hairdressing. At that time the family borrowed 1800 yuan to him for tuition, shampoo, mopping the floor, washing towels from the start, 10 months after the apprenticeship, to Changsha.

from apprenticeship to hair stylist: to experience 3-5 years of suffering

has been demolished by Hunan University next to the degenerate street, is the place to start doing hairdressing salon Li Zhongwu. In 2007, he took 130 yuan and brother came to Changsha hard, in the fallen street small salon, Li Zhongwu’s superior perm technology and honest and diligent personality, students family love, become the most popular hair stylist shop. 1 years, he was promoted to the manager from the hair stylist, in this street stores expanded to 3.